Tips for using MakeAbility

We’re so glad to have you as a member of our community! MakeAbility is a space where makers, hackers, DIYers, engineers and practical people from all over the world can share their knowledge, skills and ideas to make life better for disabled people.

Being able to show off our work and build relationships with such a range of people is a really positive thing, but there are some corresponding risks attached. To get the most out of your time here, we recommend familiarising yourself with the following quick tips:

Think about what you’re sharing

MakeAbility has been brought to you through the power of the World Wide Web. Please think carefully about how much of your personal information you’re prepared to share, especially on parts of the site that are available to the general public (anything posted on project pages – including comments – as well as your display name, avatar and biographical info). The more information there is about you in the public domain, the easier it is for hackers and identity thieves to impersonate you. For example:

Your email address can often be used to reset the password to your online accounts. It also provides an easy way for anyone to speak directly to you, including fraudsters pretending to be your bank, online trolls, and your Great Aunt Hilda who wants to know where to send the Christmas socks she’s knitted you

Your phone number, again, provides an easy way to speak directly to you. If it’s a landline, it can also be used to lookup your address without much difficulty.

It is never appropriate to share someone else’s personal information without explicit consent. This is especially important when you are talking about the person your project has helped. Information that identifies a third person will be removed by our moderators unless you can supply written evidence that they have consented for you to share their details online.

Know who you’re sharing with

Different parts of MakeAbility are shared with different groups of people, as summarised below:

Areas that are open to the general public. Anything you post in these areas can be viewed by anyone on the internet:

  • Your username
  • Your avatar
  • Your biographical info
  • Your panel, if you are a Remap volunteer
  • Everything on the ‘Post a Project’ page
  • Any comments you make on your own or other people’s projects

Areas that are open only to verified Remap volunteers. Posts in these areas can only be viewed by Remap volunteers whose accounts have been approved by Remap staff

  • Forum threads and replies

(Please note that although this is a more protected area of MakeAbility, there is nothing to prevent other members from taking a screenshot or copy-pasting your post and sharing it more widely. It is therefore wise to remain cautious about what you share.)

Areas which are private to you and are only shared with MakeAbility administrators/Remap staff

  • Draft projects that have not yet been submitted
  • ‘My Projects’ dashboard
  • Any of the order forms you fill out in the volunteers’ area
  • Your real name
  • Your email
  • Your home postcode

(Note that administrators and staff are not able to see your password, unless you contact one of us and request us to reset it for you.)

Areas that we sell to third parties for a (frankly ludicrous) profit.

Be kind to each other

We want MakeAbility to be a friendly, safe and welcoming community for everyone. Please treat others with the respect you would like to receive and don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t also say in person. View our full comment policy here.

MakeAbility is rated Safe For Work, so please keep your posts appropriate for a professional setting.

If you do see content on MakeAbility which is abusive, offensive or otherwise unacceptable, please email

Have fun!

We look forward to welcoming you to our site and reading about your projects. If you have any questions about staying safe online, please email and we’ll do our best to answer them.