Night Time Alert

This alarm unit is for use by a mobility impaired client, to wake up their deaf spouse in the night for assistance.

Controlling tremors in artist with MS

We have recently had a referral for a client, a man in his twenties/early thirties, who uses a wheelchair and has MS. He is a budding artist and has displayed and sold some of his work in the past to supplement his income and raise funds for MS. The issue he poses is that although he can hold a crayon quite easily the problem really lies with controlling his tremors.

Voice recognition

John Hill (Wales North) writes:   I have a client with limited hand movement who is interested in using voice recognition and activation software to type into applications such as Microsoft Word documents. He uses Windows Seven operating system which does have such inbuilt voice activation software but, with limited computer experience, he is uncertain […]

Mouth operated joystick

 Jack Rae (Carlsie & district panel) writes: I have a tetraplegic client who, not only has no use of limbs, but also requires a tracheostomy ventilator system.  He has full facial control, speech, and a reasonable degree of head control.  My client drives his powered recreational chair (a Boma 7) by using his chin to operate a joystick mounted on […]

Help required with solar powered hearing aid

Just in case anyone is interested in helping Chris with this project in Zimbabwe   A LOW COST SOLAR POWERED HEARING AID FOR USE BY PEOPLE – PARTICULARLY SCHOOLCHILDREN – IN COUNTRIES WHERE PEOPLE CANNOT AFFORD TO PURCHASE OR MAINTAIN THE USUAL HEARING AIDS First who am I? My name is Chris Prescott and I […]

Padded toilet seat saga

Just wondering if anyone has any additional ideas for a project we have currently. The situation is an elderly lady who side transfers onto a toilet seat which she wants to be padded for comfort. She transfers with some force too. Original OT supplied padded toilet seat was soft enough – but very flimsy and […]

Child proof buckles needed

Ashley (Remap Essex North)would like to know if anyone knows where: I can obtain child proof buckles for 40mm webbing. Or has anybody modified a buckle to be childproof. I have a client who can easily undo her side release buckle. Lockable ones are available in 100s at considerable cost but they need a key […]

Dressing aid

Dressing Aids Electric dressing aid Jack needed help putting on coats and shirts The gentleman has a spinal injury and is unable to put on his shirt or jacket without assistance North Wales need help with the following please: I have  looked into Remapedia and found 4 dressing situations that may help one of our […]

Wheelchair/baby buggy attachment

John Fuller from Shropshire Remap asks for help with the following please: We have a request to supply an adaptation to enable a client to have a quick connect/disconnect between an Invacare “FOX” powered chair and a Britax “B-Agile” baby buggy. The buggy has a triangular undercarriage so the attachment requires the rear wheels of […]

Advice for wheelchair brakes in Sri lanka

Heather Angilley  writes: I’m a children’s physio and I support various overseas  centres for disabled children and volunteer with a charity that send redundant NHS equipment all over the world ( I was in Sri Lanka in April following up a consignment of the equipment and providing training,  when I came across 39 attendant […]

Talking urinary alarm

Please can anyone help with the following request from our Merseyside panel who do not the expertise required in this case. The client is a boy,  aged 13 who has a urinary problem which until recently has been controlled using a wet sensor fitted in his trousers which sounds an alarm when he needs to urinate. […]

Protection of interior of vehicles from shredding

John Garnish of the Bournemouth panel is asking for help with the following please:   One of our OTs has come up with a problem to which I can see no practical solution. The client is a 20-yr old man who is severely autistic but has no physical disability and is able to move around […]

App for security camera?

Brian Holder of the Bristol panel  has been attempting to set up a security camera for a client. The client has very limited motor function and spends most of the day in his electric wheelchair. He has a chair mounted switch which allows him to open the door. We are trying to provide a simple […]