Wheeled trolley/trailer


Wheelchair Trolley

The client’s two children are both wheelchair users and to improve the family’s freedom during a trip to the USA (as well as at home), a modification was needed to allow both children to be pushed by a single parent.

Ventilator Carrying Trolley

A sixteen-year old girl with a wheelchair mounted ventilator system required a way to transport the equipment so that she could build her strength by walking.

Passenger Trailer for Tricycle

The West Midlands Panel was approached to see if there was a way to adapt a proprietary tricycle such that a teenage boy could use it in a safe and controlled way outdoors in a large local park. An add-on trailer was devised on which a parent could ride and control the speed at which their son could travel.

Wheeled garden tool holder

A gardening charity needed a means for a volunteer with severe back pain to carry documents, small gardening tools etc around the gardening site. A simple wheeled trolley was made that allows the user have access to her gardening impedimenta without having to bend.

Wheeled body rollers

The special school has two types of body roller to provide deep pressure therapy as the children crawl between the rollers; both have no means of moving them safely.

Dinner tray collection trolleys

Finished trolleys Underside of tray trolley showing tray drop mechanism Original trolleys Trolleys in use A special needs school had two trolleys which were used by the children to dispose of food waste, cutlery and crockery after their midday meal. The original trolleys were unsuitable in a number of ways. Metal crosspieces of no structural […]

High chair medical equipment tray

The clients are children who have cerebral palsy. They use special wheeled chairs but when moving around they need to carry a lot of medical equipment with them  (ventilator etc). Special wheeled trays were constructed which can be attached to the chair. Bristol panel case ref. 4\15-06

Mobile Mangar Booster Seat

Completed seat, lowered, showing the seat remote control. Completed seat, raised,  showing the air pump and battery pack Trolley, without foam bumpers The client uses a Mangar Booster Seat to get on the floor (eg. to play with her child) and then get up again.  The seat is inflated with a battery powered air pump.  […]

Chair with castors

Chair with castors braked Chair with castors unbraked Sketch The client needs to be able to move his dining chair easily under the table to eat, etc. Castors were added to the chair with hand-operated brakes on the trailing castors.  

Drag-bag conversion to take ambulatory oxygen cylinder

Client’s requirement This referral came from a pulmonary rehab OT for a 72 year-old Crone’s sufferer who had complications from medication which resulted in surgery and the occasional need for ambulatory oxygen. The engineer highlighted the limited mobility over rough ground of the small-wheel drag-bag compared to larger-wheel (150mm diameter) shopping trolleys and showed examples […]

Power wheelchair trailer attachment for twins

Tim is a father with paralysed legs who looks after his 18-month-old twins on his own during the day. Frustrated that he could only take the twins out in his car, rather than to the park or along local footpaths, he bought a bicycle trailer to be towed using his powered wheelchair. However, the trailer […]

Musical instrument trolley

A disabled music student struggled to move her double bass to her classes.  A collapsible trolley was made from re-cycled aluminium crutches.  The neck of the double bass acts as the handle of the trolley when in use.  

Electric scooter trailer

An elderly lady with MS required a means of attaching her bicycle trailer to her electric scooter. She is a keen artist and requires a means of carrying her equipment. A simple sandwich block was manufactured which fitted onto the rear bumpers of her scooter. The block was fitted with a tapped boss to permit […]

Xylophone stand

The client has multiple sclerosis and uses a wheelchair. She plays the xylophone and required a stand, to house her equipment, on wheels to move it around her home. A stand designed and built by the engineer to fit the client’s requirements. The client can now play the xylophone when she wants to and move it […]

Wheeled tumbleforms

Katie uses tumbleforms, moulded plastic wedge seats, which cannot be moved easily. Wheeled tumbleforms are available but the seat is too upright for Katie. A support frame on castors was made to accommodate the tumbleform seat. Katie can now be moved around easily and lifted in conjunction with an overhead hoist .  

Walker seat

This young boy with spastic quadraplegia, has a walker which he could not use at school because of school staff manual handling difficulties. A wheeled stool was made so that an adult could sit on it and move along behind the walker and give upright support. The boy can now use the walker with no problem […]