Walking stick


Long Stick with cushioning feature

The Client was a lady, registered blind. She was finding that the shocks that occurred when she hit an obstacle with her white stick were hurting her wrists. The request was for some form of cushioning feature.

One-handed folding perching stool and walking stick

Stool open Stool closed In use as a walking stick … … and as a stool The client uses two walking sticks to get around and needs to have a light weight folding seat available, that can be opened and closed with one hand, for when she gets tired. An aluminium walking stick was bought […]

Walking stick – Fischer handle

The client had learning difficulties and is paralysed in his left hand and foot. He needed his Tetrapod walking stick handle changing to a ‘Fischer Handle’. The existing walking stick handle was removed by drilling out a rivet. The second stick with the Fischer handle on it was cut at 100mm below the handle. Both […]

Walking poles

The client enjoys an outdoor lifestyle. Problems with her ankle mean she needs to use walking poles when walking on rough ground. She has difficulty holding these due to weak, unstable wrists. The poles supplied by the hospital are too heavy and cumbersome to use for long periods and she wanted poles that did not […]

Bowling aid

The client had a bad back and also pain and tension in her legs and toes. She was unstable when she stooped to bowl. A helmet with a wooden walking stick was cut down and adapted to provide a stabiliser. The aid has enabled the client to carry on the bowling she so enjoys. (Antrim) […]

Balancing aid for bowler

Assisting with balancing on the bowling green was needed after a double hip replacement. Walking sticks were fitted with large padded ends for walking between ends. A further set of sticks were fitted with a curved tubular prop with padded end and spade handle for the actual bowling. The resumption of active participation in a […]