Vision enhancement


Game for Blind or Partially Sighted

Following making game consoles for people with disabilities (see other project on Makeability) Essex Central group were requested to make a similar console for blind or partially sighted people by the Essex branch of the charity Deafblind UK. This game console meets that need.

iPad stand for AI text to speech app.

The client uses an AI app on her iPad to read documents. Unfortunately the iPad has to be held very still when capturing the image and she was struggling with this (ad so did I when I tried it out). Her OT contacted us as asked if we could make a stand to hold the iPad and an A4 sized document so that she can have it read to her.

Very bright bedside reading lamp

An elderly lady needed a very bright bedside light to enable her to continue her passion for reading. This light was constructed from a 30W LED floodlight and made use of 3D printed parts to protect the electrical connections.

Activity stand

A special needs school required a mobile outdoor stand onto which various items could be hung to provide visual and tactile stimulation to the children. A simple free-standing pergola-like frame on castors was made. Similar indoor frames have also been made.   0

Fresnel Lens Holder

Client has very poor eyesight and difficulty in reading. A large lightweight magnifying lens in a holder was required. A Fresnel Lens was acquired, and a frame to support it was made from 10mm plywood. All edges were sanded smooth, and the corners were given a small radius. The flexible plastic lens frame from the […]

Wobble board

This child has global developmental delay, whereby he is oversensitive to outside stimuli, particularly to movement. During therapy it was noted that he could tolerate mild movement when it is accompanied by a visual and auditory focus. A wobble board with Perspex surface and including glass marbles was made. The child, by focusing on the […]

Ultrasonic detector

The 60 year old deaf/blind client requested a device that would warn him of head height obstructions when walking. An ultrasonic proximity detector was mounted on a shoulder saddle and connected to a vibrator fastened to the client’s wrist. Electronic circuitry converts the signal from the sensor to a pulsating voltage that operates the vibrator. […]

Reading desk with adjustable magnifier

Client has multiple sclerosis and is unable to keep her head still enough to use a magnifying glass to read the paper. A magnifier/ light attachment was purchased and mounted on a stable metal floor stand allowing it to be adjusted vertically and horizontally. A support for her reading material was made and sits on […]

Music reading aid

This 95 year old professional pianist has macular degeneration and could no longer read the music. A device to hold a magnifying glass 125mm in front of her eyes. This was made from threaded studding, to make it adjustable, was attached to the webbing lining of a hard hat. The weight of the magnifying glass […]

Keyboard viewer

The client types into her computer using a ‘prodder’ held between her toes. The computer screen is directly in front of her and she has difficulty looking down at the keyboard to position the ‘prodder’. A second-hand 14″ TV set was purchased and mounted adjacent to the computer screen on the computer trolley. A C.C.T.V. […]

Cane with special handle

The client has recently lost her sight, but due to rheumatoid arthritis she cannot handle the conventional folding canes. The client’s cane was given a larger grip fitted with a cam-shaped hinged plate. It was connected with a spring to lock it in line with the cane for extended reach. It can be turned at […]

Aid for fitting glasses

Ann Marie was unable to fit and remove spectacles without help due to restricted arm movement. A wire frame, located in a hollow extension tube, allows operation from a lower arm level. This frame incorporated “V” ends, fitted with rubber protection, which grip the spectacle lenses on both sides. Ann Marie can now put on […]