Variable height


Wheel polishing fixture

The client has a business polishing motorcycle wheels. He has specialist polishing equipment but to use It he must support the wheels for long periods in his hands. His medical condition is gradually causing a weakness in his arms and eventually will not be able to support weights for long periods […]

Increase footrest height

The footrests on a wheelchair were too low to use causing the user back pain.
The only way that the chair could be used is by resting feet on the carrying basket, again an uncomfortable situation.
The supplier and wheelchair manufacturers had been contacted and they had no solution.

Variable Height Washing Line

The client can’t raise her arms to hang the washing out without severe pain. A washing line that could be easily lowered and raised was needed to make this day to day task bearable.

Height adjustable trolley

The mother of a boy with cerebral palsy is severely arthritic and cannot pick him up or grip anything. She needed a variable height table to transfer him between the toilet, bath and bed. A powered elevating table on a trolley was constructed. A base unit on casters was made using rectangular section steel tube. […]

Height adjustable rotunda

Several clients at the local hospital were unable to use a rotunda for transfers because they were too short. A hoist had to be used which was time consuming and cumbersome. A set of discs between 25mm and 100mm high was made that could be spigotted together to raise the base of the rotunda between […]

Chair jack

The severely autistic, well built client needed to be moved in his chair and the chair then locked in position. The mechanism was required to be extremely discrete and work very quickly. A metal frame with rotating casters was connected to a baseboard using a bottle jack. The chair was then screwed to the baseboard […]

Bowel pump lifting device

The client has to perform a bowel flush using this pump, which has to be accessible to her when sitting on the toilet seat but raised from three to five feet from the floor to provide a head of water in the associated tank before the flush could work. Her husband was finding it increasingly […]

Booster seat

A severely disabled boy who had outgrown his high-chair required a booster seat to enable him to sit at the dining table for meals. A booster seat was constructed which could be strapped to a dining chair. To allow for growth, it had an adjustable seat height and footrest. The boy could enjoy his meals […]

Bar stool

The client wished to share a drink with his mates on level terms but he was unable to climb onto a normal height of bar stool. A normal bar stool was shortened and fitted over a pneumatically raised bath seat to enable it to be elevated to the required level. The client can now enjoy a […]

Artist’s motorised easel

This wheelchair using artist with restricted movement of hands wished to be more independent. A 12V battery was used to drive the ex-windscreen wiper and window winder motors for up/down movement and rotation.  The counterbalanced easel can be raised, lowered and/or rotated by two large rocker switches located alongside the artist.  Very little manual effort […]

Adjustable work surface

A child with quadriplegic cerebral palsy can sit comfortably in only a few positions and cannot adapt to a desk/work station fixed in only one position, which inhibits his learning process.  A work station was constructed which is infinitely variable in both height and angle.  The child can now sit in a variety of positions […]

Adjustable table for wheelchair

A young man with multiple sclerosis needed an adjustable table which would support his elbows and could be attached to his wheelchair. A table was made to fit onto a ‘scissor’ type framework which is hinged at the centre.  An adjusting screw enables the table to be fixed at the correct height and to be clamped onto […]

Adjustable potting benches

Thrive, a charity providing horticultural therapy, needed to provide adjustable height benches for potting-on plants.  Four benches with telescopic legs were provided. Each can be set up at the correct height for its user. Thrive is now able to provide a facility suited to the individual needs of its gardeners. 0