Rascal Rio power chair tray

A bespoke tray to fit to a Rascal Rio indoor wheelchair and assist the client with moving meals from her kitchen. The project also required a change to the programming of the chair speed controller to make it more suitable for the tight turns in the house – and this was undertaken by a dealer.

Modified Tray

A child who used a wheeled walker at School for mobility wanted to be able to collect his lunch from the canteen and take it to his table as all classmates do.

Tray with Handle

The client lives alone in a bungalow and is having problems getting her meals from the kitchen to the lounge. The OT and client had tried a smaller metal tray and was asking for handles to be fitted to the tray.

Mounting Baby/Child Seats To Wheelchairs

A soulution to the recurring demand to mount equipment to wheelchairs including Wanzil trend babyy carrier, YEPP child bike seat and a solution for non-child carrying purposes using an offset socket which can be useful for other devices (for example a tray).

Wheelchair tray

The client required a light weight tray for her wheelchair for use when out and about.

Over-chair table

The client eats seated in her recliner chair and requires a special over-chair table that accommodates her sitting position which in effect raises her stomach up. Standard tables have been found not to work. A table was made to exactly fit the dimensions of the client’s chair (not that in the picture) with a cut-out […]

Tray for wheel chair user.

The Client was a young lady in her mid thirties who had moved into an apartment with assisted living approximately one year earlier. She has M.S. and has limited leg length and up until that time had been cared for at home by her parents. She had great difficulty in carrying food, plates and mugs […]

Toy tether

Client playing with her toys MDF sheet with tethers.   The client is a young girl who inadvertently loses her toys from the tray of her chair, which then need to be retrieved by her carers. A sheet of 10mm MDF was shaped to fit neatly inside the fiddle around her chair tray.  The sheet […]

Trays for special chairs

The children, who all suffer from Cerebral Palsy, have special high chairs, with a large tray mounted on the front. The tray is used for various purposes, including the use of a simple keyboard for interactive use of a computer. Each tray needs to be adapted to the needs of the individual child. A cut-out […]

Wheelchair switch tray

Chloe is 8 years old and has cerebral palsy. To teach her communication skills her school required a means of positioning a 4-way switch plate onto her wheelchair. The switches were connected to a suitable box of “electronics” provided by the school. The tray supplied by the local “wheelchair services” was unsuitable for use, it […]

Wheelchair tray (stowable)

The 50 year old client was born with severe disabilities. She spends much of her life in her electric wheelchair but is extremely active. She required a table or tray for her chair which was easy to attach and could be stowed behind the chair when not required. Special fittings were made to achieve her […]

Wheelchair tray for student

Alec’s problem was that his arm would involuntarily fly up forcibly and endanger anyone who was standing nearby. As he was a student, with others invariably around, this was quite a problem. A larger version of a standard chair tray was made that would allow his arm to be held down with Velcro straps that […]

Wheelchair tray

The client, an amputee and having had a stroke, required a tray for reading his paper and the facility to transport a mug of tea from kitchen to lounge. The tray had to be removable. A bracket was made coming from base of chair to accommodate hinging action of tray, with separate mug carrier. The […]

Wheelchair table for bird watcher

A keen bird watcher, needed a writing surface, which did not restrict visibility when using the wheelchair, and a binocular support for her wheelchair. An adapter was fitted to the arm of the chair enabling a clear acrylic table to be lowered into place and rotated. Optionally, the binocular support clamps within a tube in […]