Transfer board


Lift on Mobility Scooter

A man who had polio as a child is now in his 70’s and finds it difficult to climb on to his mobility scooter

T-Shaped Steps

A child struggling to transfer safely into her wheelchair, required a T-shaped step, to fit between the wheels of her wheelchair, and provide a large enough platform for her to turn round on.

Toilet transfer stool

Stable transfer stool enables a girl with the brittle bone disease to use toilet independently.

Transfer Board

Reuben, aged 6, is in P2. Born without legs, he needs a way to get from his wheelchair to the toilet. Working with his OT, Remap NI made a transfer board. This needs to be supported on a frame; this was built from aluminium alloy tube salvaged from no fewer than sixteen discarded crutches. The board itself is chipboard; it has layers of foam and padding all covered in furniture grade polyurethane. Reuben launched himself on to the board without hesitation; he is one happy boy with a new degree of independence.

Wheelchair Transfer Board

This client has had a stroke. He wants to be able to transfer himself from wheelchair to bed. He uses a motorised wheelchair, the chair has drive wheels which project beyond the width of the wheel chair seat, because of this, there is a gap between the wheelchair seat and the bed. He is unable to […]

Transfer board – folding

Client suffered from limb girdle dystrophy. He needed a transfer board, used from his wheelchair to his car to be able to folded, so he could travel with it more easily, and stow it in the wheel chair without it impeding the chairs use. A board was made of 3/4 inch ply and hinged in […]

Toilet transfer board

The client has muscular dystrophy and had difficulty transferring to and from her wheelchair. The commercially available transfer board was unsuitable for her toilet because it was too long and the aperture did not fit. A toilet seat was manufactured from 18mm ply and fitted with a plastic bridge which rose over the wheelchair tyre, […]

Toilet bench

The client is a wheelchair user and was finding it difficult transferring to the toilet from his wheelchair partly because of a progressive lack of strength and partly because of the position of the toilet in the corner of the room. A bench was constructed so as to provide a level transfer area to get […]

Bath transfer seat

Arthur, who is paralysed from the waist down, was finding it more difficult as he got older to get into the bath. A plywood platform standing on pillars was made to fit his wheelchair which brought the seat up to the correct height for the bath. The platform pillars located into the arm sockets of the wheelchair […]