Audible target for blind child

A blind child requires a target that he can practice throwing a ball at, to develop his ability to identify the direction and distance of sounds in everyday life. The target emits a continuous sound so that the child can determine its location and a separate sound when he successfully hits it with a thrown ball. The target can be attached to any suitable place, including a football net, cricket stumps, etc.

Blind Go board

A blind person wished to play the ancient Chinese game of Go. A board with a grid of holes and grooves allows the player to correctly locate the pieces and feel their location without disturbing them. Two different shapes allow the”black” and “white” pieces to be distinguished.

Blind dominoes playing boards

A ten year old boy who has been totally blind since birth had recently become interested in playing dominoes. The school had acquired two special sets of tactile dominoes, double six and double nine, where the pips were substantially raised so that blind people could gauge the number of pips by touch only.

Four-sided activity stand

A special needs school needed an activity wall similar to those found in almost every junior school playground. The complication was that most of the children at the school were in wheel chairs so they could not access the usual type.

Modified Cozy Coupé car to allow use by growing child

The client had a rare genetic disorder and was really only happy when he was sitting in his “cozy coupé” toy car. However, as he was outgrowing the  coupe he was having to bend his legs backwards to allow him to use the car. Essex north  adapted the wheels by extending both the front steering […]

Xbox Controller Modification

The client’s physiotherapist asked Remap to devise a way of preventing the client working the left side buttons with his right hand which he was apt to do but it was preventing correct development of his left hand. Essex North  volunteer added a perspex shield between the buttons preventing the right hand operating the left […]

Activity stand

A special needs school required a mobile outdoor stand onto which various items could be hung to provide visual and tactile stimulation to the children. A simple free-standing pergola-like frame on castors was made. Similar indoor frames have also been made.  

Activity stand

A special needs school required two mobile indoor stands onto which various items could be hung to provide visual and tactile stimulation to the children. Two simple A-frame gantries on castors were made. A similar outdoor stand has also been made.  

Jigsaw for dementia patients

  These special jigsaws help improve the care of Dementia patients.  Shop-bought jigsaws are not suitable for hospital use. The specially crafted jigsaws are made from a wipe clean material which complies with the hospital’s infection control measures and will not break, snap or bend. They have been made in six sizes, varying in difficulty […]

Special small balance bicycle

The client is small for his age (inside leg 190mm). A standard balance bicycle had been obtained by his parents and wheel sizes reduced from 200mm to 125mm diameter. The saddle was still too high (300mm) and this needed to be reduced a further 110mm.  Additional mods were made to shorten the fork pillar, lower […]

Scooter board

Scooter board Guard around casters to deter little fingers An autistic child needs a scooter board to aid sensory development of a size larger than commercially available ones. The board was fitted with a clear plastic cup, cut to a suitable length, around each caster to act as a guard.  

OT exercise stand

Stand in position   Underside A special needs school required a miniature “washing line” to enable students to practice pegging items on the line as an OT exercise. The solution consisted of a wooden base with two upright posts 400mm apart.  Holes in the posts allowed the line to be set at 300 or 360mm […]

Water Toy/activity centre

The client was a residential centre for disabled children who wanted a garden toy which involved moving water with as many interesting features as possible. “Activities” were constructed on weatherboard (OSB3) with a sump or tank in the base. Plastic half- round guttering was used mostly together with a tipping tray, funnel, tipping bucket, waterwheels, […]

Activity stand for prone child

Activity stand in use Activity stand Frame A severely disabled child needs an adjustable stand to hold her toys so she can play with them while lying prone. First thoughts of modifying a commercial over-bed table were dismissed after it proved difficult to source anything suitable. The tray is tilt adjustable, and includes screw-in eyelets […]