Toilet aid


Toilet transfer stool

Stable transfer stool enables a girl with the brittle bone disease to use toilet independently.

Shower chair footrest

The standard footrests of John’s showerchair made it difficult to manoeuvre around the narrow doors and landing of his home. More compact custom footrests were made.

Urine guard for toilet

A young man with cerebral palsy experiences uncoordinated movements of his upper body; he would like to urinate in the home WC without missing the bowl.

Toilet seat back rest

A severely disabled wheelchair user needed a back rest for the toilet to allow her to continue living independently. No suitable commercial product available.

Interfacing a shower toilet with a commode chair

The client wishes to use her toilet (with integral wash and dry function) without transferring from her wheeled commode, but the wash water escapes through the gap between toilet and commode, and the toilet does not detect the presense of the client when seated (because of her raised seating position). An insert was created that closes the gap and ensures the toilet detects the client’s presence.

Transfer Board

Reuben, aged 6, is in P2. Born without legs, he needs a way to get from his wheelchair to the toilet. Working with his OT, Remap NI made a transfer board. This needs to be supported on a frame; this was built from aluminium alloy tube salvaged from no fewer than sixteen discarded crutches. The board itself is chipboard; it has layers of foam and padding all covered in furniture grade polyurethane. Reuben launched himself on to the board without hesitation; he is one happy boy with a new degree of independence.

Modified toilet

A child with a leg disorder was required to have a steel brace permanently fitted. When seated on a toilet the diameter of the leg brace caused her to be seated off balance, resulting in her spine being twisted. A fibreglass moulded seat was manufactured with a suitable indentation to accommodate her leg brace. This […]

Detachable toilet seat/pan on wheelchair

A client with a severe bowel problem and poliomyelitis has to spend a number of hours each day on a commode. A shallow box type commode was made to fit on her wheelchair seat when required. The assembly is 12cm high with a removable top and seat pad. The frame is welded 6mm plastic sheet […]

Commode trolley

This young woman, weighing 30 kg, has a commode trolley with a specially shaped cradle inclined at a fixed angle. The angle of inclination needed to be varied so that the client would be more towards a sitting position. The existing cradle was also too high above the toilet. The existing trolley was in two […]

Commode toilet seat

The client has an older type commode seat which had become uncomfortable and difficult to use, and was unwilling to replace it. A plastic toilet seat was obtained and fitted to the frame. The client has an improved level of comfort. (Perthshire & Kinross)

Commode stabiliser

The client was in severe pain when using commode and rocked violently, breaking all commercial products in a few days. A second base was used to prevent tilting & attached to frame as shown. The family are pleased, and the commode remains intact. (Manchester)

Commode seat

This client had been supplied with a wheelchair commode fitted with a soft padded seat. He was unwilling to use the device, possibly because he thought he was sitting on a normal chair. The padded seat was replaced by a conventional toilet seat with a suitable extension to support the client’s right leg. The client […]