Standing frame


Walker stability

A 9 year old boy with cerebral palsy uses a Lecky walker for mobility. As he has grown, the walker is no longer sufficiently stable when he is moving around outside. The project was to angle the large wheels of the walker like a sports wheelchair to increase the track width and improve stability.

Molift Knee Blocks

The client had had recent surgery, preventing him from being able to transfer independently by standing following a surgery. This meant that he was having to be lifted by mum or hoisted at school. School had tried to use a Molift lifter which would be ideal has it would enable him to continue standing, but […]

Standing Frame Modification

The client uses a standing frame at school; but as she uses it, she twists her trunk. The Physio was keen to try and prevent her being able to twist so much by adding taller elbow blocks. The School Physio asked us to provide a foam covered extension piece to fit under the elbow block […]

Standing frame

This client’s physiotherapy requires that he stands for 30 minutes twice a day. He was unable to do this when working away from the office or out of the country and requested an air-transportable support if possible. A steel frame that could support his weight at elbow level was made. A sponge covered cross member […]

Standing aid for child

A young wheelchair user wanted to stand in order to throw a basketball in to a hoop. A frame was mounted on a platform, painted in the boys favourite team colours. This supported him well enough for him to feel that he was upright and secure. The young client can practise his shooting and imagine […]

Standing aid

A gentleman with cerebral atrophy required an aid to help him stand supported so that he could be free of his wheelchair on the day of his daughter’s wedding – this was particularly wanted for the taking of the photographs where dad could stand tall and proud next to his daughter. A baseboard with sliding […]

Portable standing frame

The physiotherapy department at a local hospital were unable to adapt their standing frame to suit the needs of this young man. He also required a standing frame for use at home but commercially supplied ones are too large and are unsuitable for him. He could not be held securely in a vertical position. The […]

Moving and turning platform

The client, a young boy with cerebral palsy, is able to stand and move forward but is unable to step from side to side or transfer from one piece of equipment to another without assistance. His carers are unable to lift him and prefer not to use hoists in order to aid his rehabilitation. A […]