Sport equipment


Bolton sailing club wheelchair jetties

Bolton Sailing club is a Sailability centre, which offers sailing for disabled people. Previously, disabled sailors were lifted into their boats on a shore mounted crane, which involved pulling the boat ashore and relaunching with every changeover of sailor.

Remap worked with Jaguar LandRover apprentices to develop a solution.

Bow stand for one handed archery project

North Lincolnshire council run activity sessions at various “wellbeing hubs” around the county. One of the activities is archery and although they had a bow stand made by Remap some years ago for wheelchair use they asked for another one suitable for use both in a chair and standing.

Boccia Ramp

Rafael Young a talented Boccia player needed modifications to improve the functioning of his ramp and allow him to reach his full sporting potential.

Audible target for blind child

A blind child requires a target that he can practice throwing a ball at, to develop his ability to identify the direction and distance of sounds in everyday life. The target emits a continuous sound so that the child can determine its location and a separate sound when he successfully hits it with a thrown ball. The target can be attached to any suitable place, including a football net, cricket stumps, etc.

Jack for wheelchair archer

A wheelchair user wishes to return to archery. To avoid the bow clashing with one of the wheelchair wheels, he removes one wheel and supports the chair on a jack. A change of wheelchair means the jack no longer fits his chair. A bracket was made to fix the jack in place to allow one wheel to be removed.

One-handed snooker rest

A one-handed snooker player required a rest for his cue that could allow him to play his shots, but also be easy to move one-handed about the table.

Wheelchair wheel straightening jig

A wheelchair basketball club frequently damage their wheels and find it difficult and expensive to get them straightened at bicycle repair shops, whose jig are made for bicycles which have different spindles from wheelchairs.

Special snooker cue rest

The client has difficulty in forming a cue rest with his hand. A rest body was made from hardwood and the rests 3-D printed in plastic. There are two different supports and spacers, and an M5 button-headed socket screw.The support is dis-assembled using an allen key Brisrol panel case ref 11\15-04

One-handed kayaking

An 11 year old boy with only one hand was keen to start kayaking, and the problem was to make a safe (and easy release) attachment for the kayak paddle. He had a simple prosthesis provided by the NHS, consisting of a forearm sleeve terminating in a 19 x 1mm threaded stub. A standard brass […]

Special fishing reel for client with no use of fingers

The client is spinally injured C5 C6 and has no use of his fingers. He broke his neck l7 years ago following a fall whilst fishing. He remains passionate about fishing, and has designed and had made a belt with a leather cup attached to help him to cast. However the tiny handle on the […]

Special wheelchair mods for tennis

The client is a wheelchair user who wants to play tennis in his special wheelchair. His current wheelchair is not adjustable and he requires the back to be modified so that he can adjust the seat position. A custom bracket was made from 1/4 inch thick aluminium with several sets of holes for adjustment.  

Snooker cue rest

The client is a keen snooker player but has difficulty in forming a bridge with his hand to hold the cue. A hardwood block was made with a built-in rest. Bristol Remap panel case reference 3\14-04

Cricket bat prosthetic

The client, a young boy, is missing the lower part of his arm on one side and is unable to grip the cricket bat properly. A prosthetic arm was devised which locates around the elbow joint and attaches to the cricket bat via a swivel joint. The length is adjustable.  

Device for one-armed cricketer

Iain is a keen young cricketer who was born with the bottom of his right arm missing. A lightweight device was needed with 360 degree flexibility of movement to help him play cricket. A thermo-plastic tube was fitted with a universal hook joint mounted in a sealed ball race and attached to an aluminium socket […]


Eight-year-old Callum needs some respite from learning to cope with two prosthetic legs, a consequence of a rare reaction to chicken pox three or so years ago. Joining his friends in the skateboard craze will be excellent therapy for Callum and beneficial for his progress and future confidence. The wheels of a skateboard were shifted […]


Ed has cerebral palsy and is passionate about skiing, which he does in an ageing sit-in two-ski bob. Because of its age and Ed’s deterioration in health the bob needed modification. A new body was made professionally, while Remap engineers developed and installed new right hand and foot control mechanisms. Ed has used the bob […]