Smoking aid


Smoking/drinking aid

The client has multiple sclerosis. His wife lights a cigarette for him but without constant help his clothes suffer burns. There is also no respite from holding the cigarette in his mouth. An adapter was made to hold a commercial cigarette holder and a plug in ashtray the length of a cigarette. The adapter was […]

Safety smoking aid

This lady is a heavy smoker and due to her severe disability kept constantly dropping her cigarettes and burning the carpet. The device holds 20 cigarettes, sufficient for her needs between carers. The lever on the extreme left rotates the holder until the next cigarette is automatically in line with the piezo-electric lighter. The lever […]

Cigarette lighter

This wheelchair user with limited grip in his hands and limited head movement enjoys smoking. His wife currently lights his cigarettes for him. A car cigarette lighter was used, which is activated by pressing a very low effort lever that depresses a switch which operates a low current timer relay circuit that then operated a […]