Sit-to-stand aid


Sit-to-stand sling modification

The client uses a MiniLift sit-to-stand aid for transfers but the sling is unsuitable. The Oxford Journey aid has a more suitable sling, but the aid itself is too large to maneuver inside the client’s home and its sling uses a 4-point fixing, and so could not be used on the MiniLift, which has a 2-point attachment. It was decided to add a bracket to the MiniLift so the Oxford Journey 4-point sling could be used.

Alternative to sofa raising

Lynne has poor strength in her lower body and finds getting on and off her sofa almost impossible. She thought the answer might be to raise the sofa, as we have done so many times before. But the sofa was a huge corner affair that would have been almost impossible to do either safely or practically. So another solution was required. We tried other products on the market but nothing worked. So a new device was required.

Step Stool

The client has dwarfism and is just 3ft 2″. This impacts on many daily living tasks around the home which she shares with her parents. Now into her fifties the client needs help getting on/off her the sofa, getting in/out of bed and to be able to access the kitchen worktop and sink safely. We developed bespoke equipment to enable the client to do this

Molift Knee Blocks

The client had had recent surgery, preventing him from being able to transfer independently by standing following a surgery. This meant that he was having to be lifted by mum or hoisted at school. School had tried to use a Molift lifter which would be ideal has it would enable him to continue standing, but […]

Standing Frame Modification

The client uses a standing frame at school; but as she uses it, she twists her trunk. The Physio was keen to try and prevent her being able to twist so much by adding taller elbow blocks. The School Physio asked us to provide a foam covered extension piece to fit under the elbow block […]

Support Leg

Client required a support leg for an existing rail beside her toilet. It was not possible to simply replace the rail due to various restraints including a brittle wall, also the leg needed to be freestanding so as to not damage the flooring.

Wheelchair-mounted turn disc

The client uses a turning disc when transfering from his wheelchair. Normally, this would be mounted on the floor and the wheelchair footrests moved out of the way. The wheelchair footrests are fixed, so a de-mountable method of fixing the turning disc to the wheelchair is required.

Standing-up aid

This lady had muscle weakness in her legs and having had bilateral hip replacements had limited movement, limiting her social life as she cannot rise from a chair without assistance. It was found that the weight on the seat reduced from 50 to 10kg from sitting properly on a seat to leaning forward and trying […]

Standing assistance

Muscular dystrophy had led to this man being unable to straighten up from a “toe-touching” position. A cordless screwdriver was used to elevate the cross arms of a standing aid and raise his body to the vertical. He could now stand up straight without assistance.  

Arms for ejector seat

A girl with muscular dystrophy had difficulty getting in and out of a chair, even with the assistance of an ejector seat, due to lack of upper limb strength. She required outside help at all times for this purpose. Two e-commode chair arms were fitted to the ejector seat using metal plates to which female stub […]

Arm extensions to riser chair

The client needed extra leverage and support when standing up from her chair and the existing arms did not give her this support.  Wooden extending arms were made and great effort was made to match the existing wood finish on the edge of the arms. The client is now able to rise confidently and safely […]

Air cushion sit-to-stand aid

Winifred, who has a muscle -wasting disease, needed assistance to stand up from her chair before using a walking frame. An air bag made of tough boating material was placed on the chair seat and attached to a Bravo air pump to lift her.  A second low pressure suction pump was connected via a quarter […]