Fly-by-wire kids tractor

Like most small boys Theo loves tractors, but when you are born with really short arms it makes steering a challenge. So Gerry, a fellow volunteer from the York panel, and I set about creating a safe fly-by-wire push along tractor to make the 20-month old lad very happy.

Facility for child to ride on mobility scooter

Harness in use Load-bearing harness The two harnesses combined The original request for a child seat was found not to comply with mobility scooter regulations.  It was agreed to make a harness to hold the child on the mother’s lap because it was felt that if a papoose-type arrangement is used by pedestrians, it could […]

Device for child’s car seat harness

Having a severe weakness in her right arm, a mother had great difficulty in engaging the four harness buckles, grouped together, into the harness buckle socket which is on another strap. The (white) support socket was designed to hold the buckle socket in position for the four straps to be connected using one hand only. […]

Car seat restraint

The client has Parkinson’s disease and cannot remain upright when sitting in the passenger seat of a car. A second seat belt was added to retain the client in his seat. The first belt went around the seat back to act as a fixing and location for the second. The second fits around the client’s […]