Walking frame holder for scooter

Man with cerebral palsy walks with a frame at home. When shopping he uses his scooter, and has to leave his frame behind. This makes him unable to access the shops, having to wait outside while his wife goes in. An attachment was made to hold his walking frame on his scooter. The attachment allows […]

Walking frame carrier

The client relies on the use of a large walking frame, but also needs an electric buggy to cover longer distances. On disembarking from his buggy he needs the walker, so a method of taking both was required. The job required brackets on the buggy so that the walker could be hooked on. He now […]

Walker carrier

Albert wanted to carry his walker on his mobility scooter. To make this possible, two plastic clamps were attached to the existing stick support on the back of the scooter. The folding walker can easily be attached to, and detached from, the clips by Albert.   0

Powered buggy adaptation

The client is unable to sit on a standard buggy and required it to be modified to take a kneeler chair. This necessitated the batteries being repositioned in order to make room in the footwell. A panel member reversed the positions of the battery and footwells and fitted the kneeler. Whereas the client had been […]

Leg support on motorised buggy

This client was unable to bend his legs and was, therefore, unable to use his motor buggy as his feet would hang over the front edge and catch on the ground. Supports were constructed to hold up his legs and his feet would no longer catch on the ground. The leg calves sit into a […]

Knee restraint

The client has muscular dystrophy and requires an electric scooter to move about. To assist his posture a means was required to keep his knees in but there was no standard equipment available. A bar was fixed to the seat and hinged in such a way it could be swung up out of the way […]

Stabiliser for 2-wheeled scooter

A boy with Down’s syndrome was unable to balance on his mini-scooter and wanted to play with his 12-year old friends without using a child’s scooter. The back axle was extended using a threaded rod encased in a spacer tube. The stabilising wheels were secured with nylon-insert locking nuts. The boy can now play with […]

Controls on mobility scooter

The client was unable to operate the hand controls on her scooter due to severe arthritis, nor could she turn her head to look left or right, e.g to cross a road. The control difficulty was solved by interchanging the left and right hand functions. The inability to look to the left and the right […]