Restraint of person


Car seat safety screen

12-year old George with developmental and behavioural issues lashes out when anxious and finds transitions stressful. His mother requires a screen to separate him from his siblings in the back seat of their car. A twin-wall polycarbonate screen was made that sits between the individual rear seats, keeping them apart.

Wheelchair-mounted turn disc

The client uses a turning disc when transfering from his wheelchair. Normally, this would be mounted on the floor and the wheelchair footrests moved out of the way. The wheelchair footrests are fixed, so a de-mountable method of fixing the turning disc to the wheelchair is required.

Chin Support

Client who has Parkinson disease does not like wearing collars to support her head. Client suggested making a padded chin support that she could hold.  An approximate chin shape mould was made and an aluminium chin shape support made. Support is lined with 10mm zote foam. Handle approx. 500mm long is attached by a small […]

Footplates for exercise bike

Remapni recently had an enquiry from a physiotherapist in a special school. Sheila has a pupil who wants to use a static exercise bike. The problem is that it is a little big for him, and his feet tend to turn outwards. This causes his heels to catch on the cranks. There are straps on […]

Restraint harnesses

Harness for use in vehicles Harness for use while walking – rear view … … and front Client is a very active adult with learning difficulties and uses a Model 28 Crelling restraint harness when travelling in a vehicle (in addition to the normal car seat belt) and a separate harness while walking (for the […]

Control of tremor

The client had trouble controlling the joystick of his wheelchair because of a severe tremor in his forearm. He was supplied with a wristband containing a flat rare earth magnet, and a small steel plate was attached to the arm of is wheelchair. The effect was to hold his wrist against the arm with sufficient […]

Facility for child to ride on mobility scooter

Harness in use Load-bearing harness The two harnesses combined The original request for a child seat was found not to comply with mobility scooter regulations.  It was agreed to make a harness to hold the child on the mother’s lap because it was felt that if a papoose-type arrangement is used by pedestrians, it could […]

Wheelchair wrist retainers

David can have very strong involuntary arm movements. Previous efforts to hold his arms on the chair armrests have been unsatisfactory. Channels with hinged tops, made from plastic guttering, were securely strapped to the armrests. They were held closed, when around the client’s forearms, by Velcro straps. Various forms of padding were tried and the […]

Wheelchair tray for student

Alec’s problem was that his arm would involuntarily fly up forcibly and endanger anyone who was standing nearby. As he was a student, with others invariably around, this was quite a problem. A larger version of a standard chair tray was made that would allow his arm to be held down with Velcro straps that […]

Weighted cuffs to reduce shake

The client, who has Parkinson’s disease, likes to dine out and work at his bench. He finds his forearms tend to shake when using cutlery utensils and small tools. Linen cuffs were made and pocketed to take 10mm diameter steel rods to make a total weight of 680g to act as ‘vibration’ dampers. The rods […]

Vehicle seat insert for lateral support

Severely disabled young man needs his head and upper body supported on long car journeys. Any support had to fit the client snugly, be useable with the existing seat/seatbelt and removable for cleaning. Foam was cut to the shape of the seat and two laminations were cut to suit the shape of the client and […]

Toy tractor

A young boy with cerebral palsy loves tractors and his parents wanted one that he could ride on. A suitable toy tractor was purchased and a frame fitted around the seat so that the boy could be supported and sit on it safely. The boy was delighted with his tractor and complains when his parents […]

Support for amputee sailor

This keen sailor, a possible contender for the Paralympics, has a specially designed sailing dinghy but after a recent above knee amputation, was unable to stabilise herself in the hull because of her single limb, especially when the boat heeled. Two long wedge shaped cushions were fashioned in Evozote, a type of fairly firm plastic […]

Stair gate for child

The client is a seven year old autistic boy who frequently wakes at night and wanders. An existing gate at the top of the stairs was low and there was danger of him toppling over and down the stairs. A higher than standard safety gate was made and fitted. It is secured by a catch […]

Shower chair support

Ron is a large man who had had a severe stroke and was proving a handful for his carers to shower, as he had a tendency to slip heavily sideways to his left when being showered. The carers found it hard work to keep propping him up while they washed him. A side support made […]

Safe bike trailer seat

George is a boy with Downs syndrome, learning disabilities, low muscle tone and balance problems, but he loves bicycles. His parents had bought a cycle trailer but it had to hold him safely. A support frame was made from old zimmer frame tubing inside foam rubber padding and wrapped in tape and bolted to a […]