Bolton sailing club wheelchair jetties

Bolton Sailing club is a Sailability centre, which offers sailing for disabled people. Previously, disabled sailors were lifted into their boats on a shore mounted crane, which involved pulling the boat ashore and relaunching with every changeover of sailor.

Remap worked with Jaguar LandRover apprentices to develop a solution.

Balcony platform and ramp

The client used to be able to access her balcony but now uses a wheeled walker and cannot negotiate the almost 5″ drop. There was insufficient room to install a straight ramp so a combination of platform and ramp was required.

Threshold ramp for uPVC door

A common problem when providing wheelchair access to a uPVC door is getting over the often quite high threshold. The usual solution of a sheet aluminium bridge has to be removed to allow the door to close which is hard for a lone wheelchair user. This light weight infill strip can be removed with a standard pick-up stick.

Internal ramp

The client required an internal ramp such that she could be wheeled by a carer from floor level up to the patio door threshold onto the commercially manufactured aluminium suitcase ramp for access outside.

Threshold ramp

The problem The ramps in position The ramps Commercial ramps are not adjustable to suit the front door threshold. They cannot deal with the height difference inside (100mm) and out (175mm) and allow the door to be closed with the ramps in position. Two new wooden ramps, one for outside and one for inside, made […]

Special wheelchair ramp

Current situation Two-piece light weight ramp installed The ramp The client’s carer is unable to move the client on his wheelchair from his bathroom down two steps into his bedroom. The ramp supplied is too steep for his carer to push the wheelchair up and a longer one will be too heavy to be moved […]

Stiffen suitcase ramp

  Support bracket … … located in place. The client has a high rear doorstep requiring a long 7 foot suitcase ramp.  However it was found to bounce disconcertingly in use. The ideal solution would have been to use the hinge bolts of the ramp to permanently attach legs. The client didn’t want such a […]

Ramp from back door to car port

The client needed a special ramp outside of his back door which could be easily removed when not in use. The car port floor is not flat and slopes in both directions so that the height of the step varies between 180mm and 190mm across the width of the door. After discussion with the client […]

Extend suitcase ramp

Before After The client had difficulty manoeuvring his manual wheelchair through the front door because the ramp supplied is too steep. An extension to the outside ramp and an indoor wedge ramp were added.  

Outdoor ramp

Platform in use Platform in place The client is unable to exit the back door of his house with his wheelchair because the restricted space on his side path precludes the use of standard ramps. A raised platform, level with the doorstep, allows a standard suitcase ramp to be used.  

Threshold ramps

The client lives in an upstairs flat and required a wheelchair threshold ramp at the exterior door downstairs.  The ramp has to be removable by the client’s wife so the door can be closed and not interfere with other residents. The ramp was made in four sections, as shown.  

Wheelchair threshold ramps

Ramp in position Ramp folded The client uses a Symmetrikit chair which has an unusually wide footprint and so standard threshold ramps are not wide enough to be used to allow her to pass through her patio doors into the conservatory. A light weight folding wooden ramp set was made.  It is light enough for […]

Threshold ramp

The client was unable to cross an internal threshold with his wheelchair. The standard threshold ramp was too steep and too flexible. The new ramp is stiffer and longer giving a gentler slope.  It is also longer on one side to allow for the difference in floor levels.  The ramp folds and can be moved […]

Wheelchair ramp

The client wishes to have wheelchair access from a utility room down two steps into the garage. The supplied briefcase ramp was too wide to fit in the door opening and would not allow the door to be closed with the ramp in position. A 40 x 40 x 700 wooden batten was screwed to […]

Ramp for french doors

The client needed a ramp so that he could be wheeled in his wheelchair out of the French doors in the lounge into the garden. The drop from the house to the path is 60mm and the ramp needed to bridge a drainage channel. The ramp was made from 1200x 450 x9mm exterior grade plywood […]

Shower threshold ramp

The client’s elderly carer was having difficulty in pushing a shower wheelchair over the tray threshold. A ramp was constructed using a skirting wood profile and a piece of aluminium carpet edging strip. Bristol Panel case ref. 6\15-05