Raised platform


Toilet Steps

A five year old girl had inherited the dwarfism gene from her father giving her a reduced stature. She was having difficulty accessing the toilet in the family bathroom because of its height. There were also difficulties related to the dimensions of the bathroom which was not large.


The trike is a homemade piece of mobility equipment made from two bikes with a platform inbetween and a loading ramp. This allows someone that is disabled to experience the joys of cycling whilst still being in the wheelchair for maximum comfort with their favourite person doing the pedalling. If you happen to stop along the way at say a garden centre, then you still have the wheelchair with you for regular activities !

Bolton sailing club wheelchair jetties

Bolton Sailing club is a Sailability centre, which offers sailing for disabled people. Previously, disabled sailors were lifted into their boats on a shore mounted crane, which involved pulling the boat ashore and relaunching with every changeover of sailor.

Remap worked with Jaguar LandRover apprentices to develop a solution.

Step-up platform

21-month-old Sebby with achondroplasia (short stature) cannot use standard steps etc to access sinks, toilets and worktops. His mother is having to hold him so that he can wash his hands, etc. and  she would like him to be able to do these things safely by himself.

Reading stand

A child with spina bifida also has difficulties with eye sight and neck pain and he struggles to look down at what he is reading. He finds it much more comfortable to look directly in front of him. He requires a stand for his tablet and his books.

Transfer Board

Reuben, aged 6, is in P2. Born without legs, he needs a way to get from his wheelchair to the toilet. Working with his OT, Remap NI made a transfer board. This needs to be supported on a frame; this was built from aluminium alloy tube salvaged from no fewer than sixteen discarded crutches. The board itself is chipboard; it has layers of foam and padding all covered in furniture grade polyurethane. Reuben launched himself on to the board without hesitation; he is one happy boy with a new degree of independence.

Modify sit-to-stand aid

The client’s feet are splayed and this means she cannot position herself far enough forward to safely stand on the platform of her ReTurn7400 sit-to-stand aid. The platform was modified to suit.

Raised kitchen platform

Platform in use Spring-loaded castor and support bracket The client, who is 4ft 2in, uses boxes to allow her to stand at the kitchen sink to do the washing up and look out over her garden. This was unstable and she had already fallen once.  A stepped platform 25cm high with a hand rail was […]

Mobile crane foot platform

Patient with rheumatoid arthritis and severe water retention was unable to locate both her feet on the relatively small platform of the Harvest crane that she used to raise her into a standing position A larger foot plate was manufactured. Because of client weight, due consideration had to be made to the strength of the […]

Working stool

The client is unable to extend her legs from the hips and knees. She is in a permanently crouched position and needed a stool to enable her to work comfortably in her kitchen. A simple stool was made which enabled her to reach her work surfaces with ease. The client is now able to work more […]

Toilet trainer

Natasha, aged 6, has severe cerebral palsy and could not support herself on a potty and later on a toilet without assistance. To allow her to go from nappies to a potty, a box was constructed which allowed her potty to be slid underneath, allowing her to support herself on the edges of the box. […]

Toilet step for two year old boy

Anne’s two year old son has one leg 18cms shorter than the other and the foot turned inwards. He was unable to stand in front of the toilet bowl on a standard child’s plastic step, while waiting up to a year for a special prosthetic from the USA. A wooden platform with levels to suit […]

Toilet step

A little boy has been left with some disability including visual impairment following the removal of a brain tumour and he has difficulty in reaching the toilet on his own. A step was made up from plywood on a melamine base, shaped to fit round the toilet and a tubular handrail was made to suit […]

Toilet seat access

A girl of very small stature needed a method of mounting the toilet independently. As the little girl could only climb steps up to 100mm high, a portable unit was made which enabled her to climb the first step and turn unaided on the next step, taking support from the side panels. A feature of […]