Pushchair safety brake

The client suffers from sudden fits and is worried about inadvertently letting go of her pushchair and it running away. An additional braking system was made such that should the client let go of the handle bar, the brakes are applied automatically.

Buggy mounting steps

Buggy with steps in position Transit wheels in use Several of the children at a special school arrive in  MacLaren buggies which are quite high and they are unable to climb in and out of them. Because of their height and the fact that the seat is angled back, the children struggle to reach the […]

Attach buggy to wheelchair

Brackets connect the wheelchair and buggy Clamps to connect to buggy Brackets with quick-release clamps for wheelchair Brackets attached in relaxed position The client requires a means to push her child’s buggy while using her own self-propelled wheelchair.  No permanent brackets can be attached to the wheelchair, but the brackets need to be rigid enough […]

Buggy raised footrest

The client (aged 2) needed the footrest of his buggy raised by 4 inches. A hardwood backboard was constructed and held in place by velcro. A foam footrest was attached to the board with blocks to help positioning his legs. Bristol Panel case ref. 8\14-08

Pushchair electric drive

The client was only able to use one arm and found the pushchair very tiring after a short while. Remap was tasked to make an add-on electric drive unit. This was constructed using an electric golf trolley motor/gearbox and lithium battery. This was controlled from the handle with a pressure pad switch. Additional safety was […]

Mounting for oxygen bottle on child’s buggy

The young child, born prematurely, needs oxygen 24 hours a day, meaning that his mother had to carry a heavy oxygen cylinder with her when taking him out in his buggy. The buggy needed to be modified to carry a quickly detachable cylinder whilst retaining its folding capability and ability to tow a “buggy board” on […]

Motorised tandem pushchair

This young mother with very little energy and muscle strength found it extremely difficult to push her two children in their tandem pushchair. A golf trolley drive system was adapted, by reducing its overall height, and was fitted under the tandem pushchair. The lady can now take the children out without exhausting herself.

Buggy adaptation

The clients were taking their disabled child to Australia for a christening and wanted the support seat they had adapted mounted into a three-wheeled buggy for ease of travelling. Four aluminium spigots were turned up to fit inside Zimmer frame tube and screwed to the buggy frame. These provide attachment for two bars, constructed from […]

Buggy/wheelchair link

Caroline wanted to take a wheelchair-dependent 6 year old and a one year old child out at the same time. Three links were manufactured from square bar with end plates welded on. Detachable brackets were clamped to the links using bolts and wing nuts. End plates & brackets were colour-coded to make it easy to […]