Protective barrier


Treadmill child safety rails

Conversion of an adult treadmill for a 4 year old child. The side rails provide handholds, and the front bar stops him from either tripping on the frame or knocking his head on the control panel. The frame is height adjustable to allow for growth.

Car passenger protection

Remap engineer Jon Leigh needed to create a way of safely and comfortably separating our client from the front passenger and driver.

Car seat safety screen

12-year old George with developmental and behavioural issues lashes out when anxious and finds transitions stressful. His mother requires a screen to separate him from his siblings in the back seat of their car. A twin-wall polycarbonate screen was made that sits between the individual rear seats, keeping them apart.

Wheelchair bull bars

Guard in use The parts used The client is particularly vulnerable to fractures to his ankles and so used to place his feet behind his wheelchair footrests to protect them from collision, which caused discomfort and pressure behind his knees. The stainless steel tubular guard provides the necessary protection to give him the confidence to […]

Protective car screen

The client, with autism and epilepsy, sometimes lashes out unpredictably when distressed. Some form of screen was required to protect the driver and front seat passenger. Because the car is a 2 -door model, separate detachable screens were made for fitting to the backs of the front seats. Polycarbonate screens were fitted to sprung mountings, […]

Protection device for gastronomy tube

A very strong and active young man needs feeding by a gastronomy tube. During feeding time at school, one person engaged his attention whilst the nurse attended to the feeding equipment at the centre. At home, his mother found this difficult to accomplish alone. When feeding time arrives at home, he is now laid upon […]

Modified steering wheel

This client was accidentally hitting his car horn constantly because of the position of a knob on his steering wheel. A means of preventing this was needed. A metal shield was made and fitted to the steering wheel to cover the horn adjacent to the knob. The driver no longer inadvertently sounds the horn.

Modified door

A hyperactive little girl needed to be prevented from gaining access to the stairway from her bedroom. The door was modified so that she could be stopped from opening the door but easy access could still be maintained if needed. The girl’s parents now have increased peace of mind. (Stranraer)

Cot side for adjustable bed

The client, recovering from a stroke, needed a cot side to stop him rolling out of bed at home. (He was bed blocking until the job was completed). The double bed at home was a new adjustable one which did not have provision for attaching a cot side. A free-standing steel frame was made to […]

Cooker hood sensor and protector

The client has artificial legs and his sight is failing. He had a new cooker hood installed and kept hitting his head on its corner, losing his balance and falling down on to the floor. A skinned foam ball was fitted to the corner of the cooker hood to both warn of its edge and […]

Cooker fence

Daniel is a hyperactive boy who tries to touch saucepans and the hot exposed sides of the cooker and attempts to open the oven door. A frame was made with hinged panels covering the exposed sides and the oven door. A fence was provided round the cooker top. A transparent hinged covered the knobs allowing […]