Adapt child’s scooter

A three year old child was born with no legs below the knees and no arms below the elbows, hence no hands or feet. He wanted to use a scooter.

Replacements for amputated hands

The lady had suffered from sepsis and, as a consequence, had lost both hands and both feet. The NHS were able to provide a wheelchair and later prosthetic legs but had little to offer in the short term to provide hand functions. We were able to provide basic implements to enable her to feed herself, brush her hair, and to write birthday cards and sign cheques.

Device for one-armed cricketer

Iain is a keen young cricketer who was born with the bottom of his right arm missing. A lightweight device was needed with 360 degree flexibility of movement to help him play cricket. A thermo-plastic tube was fitted with a universal hook joint mounted in a sealed ball race and attached to an aluminium socket […]

One-armed golfing aid

The client, an eleven-year-old boy with a multi-function artificial arm on his left side, wished to be able to play golf. A semi-circular adapter was manufactured in easily formed plastic, shaped to the contour of the golf club’s shaft. A rod was riveted to the adapter and threaded at one end so that the combination […]

Gel liner applicator

A tetraplegic client needed a device to enable him to don gel liners for his prosthetic legs. He was unable to do this without help. A novel device positioned the gel liner over four vanes. Each vane had a roller at the top. As the client pushed his stump into the gel liner supported by […]

Chord playing prosthesis

This 13-year old girl has a severe skin condition which causes blistering and scarring. Her right hand is permanently fisted and left hand fingers have rather limited movement. She wanted to be able to learn to play a keyboard. A chord playing prosthesis was made. This is able to depress three alternate keys on the […]

Child’s special knife

The 4 year old client was born with no fingers on her right hand. At an early age, toes were transferred on either side of the hand to provide fingers. At age 3, she wanted a knife she could hold, as a buffer and for pushing and cutting her food like her peers at meal […]

Artificial leg height adjuster

An elderly client needs to be able to adjust the height of his artificial limb to compensate for limited hip movement following a fall.  A sprung pin operates from a button on the hip via a bicycle gear cable.  It retracts to allow the leg to lower by 20mm when the client’s weight is applied. […]