Powered drive added


Integramouse Motorised Support Arm

When on his computer, the client uses a mouth controlled Integramouse on an adjustable arm. He needs the Integramouse to move out of sight of the screen on occasions and then return when needed once again

Bradshaw Buggy Conversion

Adaption of bowling wheelchair – the Bradshaw Buggy used for green bowling – with electric motor drive

Motorise a Stroller

To fit a powerStroll motor unit to fit a Rollz Stroller, so that a lady could push her husband on his stroller.

Electric grabber

An electric grabber to replace a “Helping Hand” device for a client with weak hands

Servo assisted sailing

Remap are regular attenders at the RYA Sailability Conference. This project is one of their members projects, but referencing here provides useful archive material for a very typical Remap area of work.

Electric grabber

Zoe wants to be able to pick items up from the floor when in her wheelchair, but does not have the strength to use commercially available pick-up sticks. A powered grabber was made using an electric claw from a toy robotic arm.

Motorised tandem pushchair

This young mother with very little energy and muscle strength found it extremely difficult to push her two children in their tandem pushchair. A golf trolley drive system was adapted, by reducing its overall height, and was fitted under the tandem pushchair. The lady can now take the children out without exhausting herself.

Motorised table top

A lady with arthritis was unable to push the cantilever table to one side to operate her riser recliner chair and had to wait for a carer to do so. The table top was provided with telescopic sliders enabling it to be pushed sideways by a fitted electric motor, sprockets and a chain. It has […]

Motorised hammock

This six-year old is brain damaged, partially sighted and deaf. Her parents wanted a motorised hammock which could give a sense of movement and her carers wanted some relief from rocking her in her sprung cradle. The swing has a freestanding steel frame with out-riggers for stability which can be swung inwards when the swing […]

Motorised chair raiser

A man living alone could walk with sticks but found it impossible to go from sitting to standing, or vice versa, without assistance and spent most of the day standing. He needed an aid to lift him from a sitting position or lower him from a standing position – no commercial aids were available that […]

Mobile and elevating computer desk

The client has Parkinson’s disease and has reduced mobility and strength. She wishes to use her computer from a wheelchair and from her bed. A worktop was constructed with an elevating section for the keyboard and pull-out tray for a mouse and remote control. A hydraulic jack was fitted between the caster-mounted support frame and […]

Horse feed transporter

The client, who has had a stroke, wanted to be able to continue caring for her horse, but was unable to carry its feed to the paddock as she only had use of one arm. An extra set of wheels was added to a motorised golf trolley to enable it to support a flat base of […]

Elevating toilet chair

This very short lady had difficulty transferring on and off the toilet. A chair that was low enough for the lady to transfer from was too low to go over the toilet. The local Community Team for Learning Disabilities purchased a suitable low chair. A welded “H” frame was made and fitted between this chair […]

Drum/percussion kit

This boy with cerebral palsy spends most of his time in a wheel chair. He has poor control of his head and hand movements but wanted to play the drums and join his friends in playing in a band. A comprehensive drum kit (snare and bass drums, tom-toms plus a cymbal and high hat) was […]

Baby rocker

A disabled child became distressed and cried unless constantly rocked during waking hours. Carer has developed repetitive strain injury from keeping existing baby rocker in motion. A windscreen wiper motor with chain drive actuates an arm attached to the rocker seat by plastic cord. The whole is mounted on a base to prevent creep, and […]