Pedal strap/retainers


Modified Bike Pedal

The client had a Stroke, affecting right side of the body. He had bought a static exercise bike, but was unable to use it as his right affected foot turns inwards due to stroke, touching the panel of the bike while he was trying to use it. The client’s daughter found an adaptive pedal online, […]

Wheelchair-mounted turn disc

The client uses a turning disc when transfering from his wheelchair. Normally, this would be mounted on the floor and the wheelchair footrests moved out of the way. The wheelchair footrests are fixed, so a de-mountable method of fixing the turning disc to the wheelchair is required.

Pedal Modification for an Exercise bike

Clients feet would not stay on the pedals despite using pedals with toe clips. A heel support frame was made and attached to the pedal in the same manner as the toe clips. Client who has MS can now pedal away with out feet slipping from the pedals. 0

Footplates for exercise bike

Remapni recently had an enquiry from a physiotherapist in a special school. Sheila has a pupil who wants to use a static exercise bike. The problem is that it is a little big for him, and his feet tend to turn outwards. This causes his heels to catch on the cranks. There are straps on […]

Exercise bike pedal foot clip modification

The client cannot move her legs to pedal, and relies on the electric exerciser to pull her feet around, hence moving her leg muscles. This means the pedals are trying to pull away from her feet, and the only friction between foot and pedal is due to the weight of her leg. (i.e. no downward […]

Bicycle pedal straps

Pedals in natural positions Pedal rotated to show fixing method A 4 year old child with spina bifida has difficulty keeping her feet on the pedals of her bicycle.  Commercial pedal clips are only available in adult sizes. Straps were added to the existing pedals. The metal parts provide counterweights to ensure the pedals naturally […]

Modified Pedals for an Exercise Machine

Remap were asked to modify a pedal exercise machine. The brief was to help the user to retain their feet on the pedals during exercise whilst in a sitting position. This was achieved by securing a pair of the user’s shoes to the pedals as shown. Unmodified pedal Pedals in use To use, with the […]

Ankle straps for pedals

The client is a stroke victim, who uses a set of exercise pedals to exercise his lower legs and ankles. His feet slide out of the pedals. He requires something to restrain his ankles from sliding off of the back of the pedals. The assembly was supplied with rubber ‘toe clips’ which were attached to […]

Tricycle foot restraints

Connor is a young child with extensive muscular dystrophy who was learning to develop limb movement. His parents had bought a tricycle system which incorporated seat belts and a push bar to help exercise and strengthen his leg muscles. However, due to coordination problems, he was unable to maintain his feet on the pedals. Over-sized […]

Pedal foot retainer

A young girl with cerebral palsy experienced difficulty controlling her right leg. This gave her problems keeping her foot in position on the pedal of her tricycle. A pair of regular sandals with rigid moulded soles and Velcro strap fastenings was purchased in an adult size sufficiently large to accommodate her own shoes. The sandals […]

Girl’s bicycle adaptation

A 12- year old girl needs to wear a leg splint on her left leg. Wanting to cycle with friends, she was given a girl’s bicycle fitted with mocked up stabilisers. The stabilisers were ineffective and the girl’s foot would twist towards the frame and become entangled. Industrial roll casters were mounted to stabiliser brackets […]

Footplate for exercise bicycle

This client, following a stroke, was unable to use his exercise bicycle due to his left foot falling off the pedal. His wife also needed to use the bike as she has multiple sclerosis. Footplates were made and attached to the existing pedals. Top straps were made out of vinyl flooring and with heel supports […]

Foot straps for bicycle

A child with cerebral palsy had difficulty keeping his feet on the pedals of a bicycle (specially stabilised with large outrigger wheels). Racing cycle toe-clips were fitted to a block of wood which was attached to the pedals, giving support to the ball and instep of the foot by extending the pedal. Straps were fitted […]

Fitness cycle adapted pedals

Nicole had been given a home trainer. The problem with it was that she could not slot her feet into the pedals and also her left heel will not keep straight, thus obstructing the pedal movement. Aluminium plates were fitted to the pedals to act as bases. As Nicole is Dutch, we fitted a pair of […]

Exercise bike raiser

The client has cerebral palsy and has an exercise bike that he enjoys using. He has difficulty not only getting onto it but also keeping his right foot on the pedal. A frame was constructed to lift the bike up so as to provide an almost level transfer. The right hand pedal was fitted with […]

Exercise bike pedal strap modification

Marion has left-side weakness after a stroke and was experiencing difficulties keeping her foot on the left pedal of her exercise bike. The foot needed to be held in the correct position with no risk of sharp corners or hard material making contact with the foot. It must be possible to place the foot into […]