Musical Instrument


One-handed viola playing

After a stroke, the client, with reduced hand and arm strength on one side, wished to take up playing his viola again. The bow was modified to make it easier to grip and a stand makes the bow easier to support.

Drum Stool Removable Backrest

Professional drummer with MND needed a droppable backrest so that he could get onto his drum kit stool independently, so he can play at his leisure.

Audio Guitar Tuner

The client plays a guitar and is also visually impaired and a friend had discovered a modified guitar tuner on the internet that had an audible indication using an Arduino micro-controller to interpret the indicators and send sequences of sounds to an earpiece, he asked us to make a similar device.

Trombone playing support

Padded dish … … mounted on client’s stand. A trombone player requires a support to take the weight of his instrument to allow him to continue playing after a stroke. A simple padded dish (a repurposed dog feeding bowl) was fitted to the client’s trombone stand with a length of threaded rod (to give height […]

Sip/Puff Guitar Splitter Box

Client played bass guitar in a band but had MS and had lost the use of his legs, and thus couldn’t use the conventional foot operated effects pedal. On discussion all the client needed to do was to switch between no effects and effects this a simple changeover switch was required, but operated by gentle […]

Drum stands

Drum and stand in use Stand dismantled The school has a number of bongo drums which serve as instruments that the pupils can use and enjoy. The problem is that bongo drums are designed to stand on the floor with the user sitting forward and over the drum. This is not possible for a person […]

Raise piano

Blocks to raise piano   Blocks in place   Sustain pedal bracket The client required his upright piano to be raised so that he can play while seated in his wheelchair.  The sustain pedal must remain at the original height. 50mm high blocks were made from layers of plywood and faced with mahogany to match […]

Support for guitar player

Ellie, a young lady with severe muscle problems, wished to play the guitar but does not have the strength to hold the instrument and play the strings at the same time. The provision of a support would help her physical and mental development. A secondhand chair was cut down to Ellie’s size and steel frames […]

Modified recorder

A little girl wanted to learn to play the recorder along with the rest of her class. She dearly wanted to take part, but was unable to as, sadly, she has some fingers missing from each hand. The panel’s engineers and occupational therapists put their heads together and came up with the idea of an […]

Drum/percussion kit

This boy with cerebral palsy spends most of his time in a wheel chair. He has poor control of his head and hand movements but wanted to play the drums and join his friends in playing in a band. A comprehensive drum kit (snare and bass drums, tom-toms plus a cymbal and high hat) was […]

Drum & cymbal modifications

This young wheelchair using client wished to play the drums in the school orchestra but had a problem using the foot pedal on the base drum and cymbals. The client has some movement in one of her legs and so her foot was attached to the base drum pedal using a velcro slipper. The hi-hat […]

Chord playing prosthesis

This 13-year old girl has a severe skin condition which causes blistering and scarring. Her right hand is permanently fisted and left hand fingers have rather limited movement. She wanted to be able to learn to play a keyboard. A chord playing prosthesis was made. This is able to depress three alternate keys on the […]

Chime bar unit

A device was needed to provide sensory stimulation for a group of clients with visual, hearing and learning impairments. A frame was constructed of cedar and exterior-grade ply from which hang tubes of various diameters, lengths and materials as well as bells and gongs. These are struck with a wooden mallet. The instrument provides musical […]

Aid for drummer

This lady plays drums at her local church. Unfortunately, her right foot had become too weak to operate either the bass or high hat pedals so, at her request, the pedals were changed over so that the left foot operated the bass drum. We decided that a solenoid operated system would enable her to operate […]