Leg lifter


Alternate Footrest for a Recliner

The patient could not stand things touching her calves due to a skin condition. This meant that she could not use her recliner as the footrest came up and aggravated her skin. 0

Leg lifter for independent access to stairlift

    Rosemary from Amersham suffered a stroke and was unable to lift her right leg onto a stairlift footplate or to hold it there while the stairlift was in motion. We designed a leg lifting device with a cushioned bar that rests across her left thigh and another that goes under her right thigh. Rosemary […]

Stair lift foot rest

This client has reduced sensation and co-ordination of her legs and also has strong spasms in her legs. She uses a stair lift but she is not aware if her feet are on the foot rest safely and there is a risk they could be trapped and injured. A foot sized wooden footplate was made […]

Leg lifter and positioner

Pippa has a paralysed left leg and needs to position her foot before standing. The lifter has a knee height handle at the top of an aluminium tube, with a shoewidth spur at the lower end. It also has a hook to carry it on a walking aid. Pippa can lift and shift her foot […]

Leg lifter

The client had great difficulty lifting his legs onto his electric scooter. Conventional leg lifter did not work. An adjustable strap was fitted to each shoe with a strong loop at the top. A handle with a good grip and a hooked end can be used to hook onto the loops to lift each foot […]