Kitchen gizmo


One-handed food preparation

The client had a major stroke and lost use of her left hand but still lives independently and wished to be able to prepare fruit and vegetables, specifically melon. A worktop-mounted vice, operated by leaning forward, allows food to be held while being prepared.

Oven transfer shelf

This handy shelf allows Daniel to slide hot dishes in and out of the oven safely.

Stove top guard

  The client needs a guard to hold pans on top of his kitchen stove while he stirs. The stainless steel cage clamps on the side of the stove.    

Kitchen wire baskets

The client suffers from sever arthritis and has difficulty in bending to access her kitchen floor cupboards. Wire baskets were purchased form B&Q and fitted using appropriate brackets. A hook tool was made to enable her to pull the baskets out without bending. Bristol Panel case ref. 12\15-05

Kitchen pull-out table

The client is an amputee, and needed a pull-out table in his kitchen for crockery etc., prior to washing up. The client washes up from his wheelchair, but the kitchen layout left little space for the crockery, pans etc. ready for washing. On the left of the sink there is a washing machine under the […]

Raised kitchen platform

Platform in use Spring-loaded castor and support bracket The client, who is 4ft 2in, uses boxes to allow her to stand at the kitchen sink to do the washing up and look out over her garden. This was unstable and she had already fallen once.  A stepped platform 25cm high with a hand rail was […]

Ironing aid for arm amputee

The client needed an aid to assist with holding clothes on his ironing board. A standard spring clamp was modified by fitting a weaker spring so that it could easily be operated with one hand. Bristol Panel case reference number 7\15-06

Knife adaptation for split-hook prosthesis

Knife in use Knife tang with pins added Knife and prosthesis The client finds it difficult to safely hold a kitchen knife with her split-hook prosthesis. The plastic handle of the client’s knife was removed and the blade drilled to accept two small stainless steel pins welded in place. The pins were located such that […]

Kitchen cupboard wire baskets

The client, aged 92, has severe back problems and limited movement to bend down and is having difficulty reaching shelves in two corner kitchen cupboards. Can Remap adapt the shelves with a means allowing pulling out the baskets A set of four 500 wide wire baskets were obtained form B&Q (Cooke & Lewis range). These […]

Knife holder

The client has weak wrists and finds it difficult to hold a knife. A kitchen knife was fixed into a shaped wooden block that could be held in a number of ways to enable preparation of vegetables etc. A commercial thick handled knife proved more suitable for eating meals.  

Visual aid for cooker knobs

A lady wheelchair user has difficulty seeing recessed cooker control setting knobs because of the low wheelchair height. A mirror reflecting hand-held device was made. The client is now able to see the controls and adjust them to the required setting without someone else in attendance.  

Special worktop

Sharon, who has multiple sclerosis, is seated in her wheelchair all the time. She wanted to use her kitchen worktops for the usual purpose, but her chair would not allow her to sit close enough to do so. A new worktop was provided which would pull forward on rails to allow her to sit at […]

Sandwich cutter

This gentleman had a stroke and is only able to use one arm. Whilst living in Australia, he had a sandwich cutter but this went astray when he traveled back to England. This device helped him to cut a filled sandwich in half without the contents falling out. He submitted a design to the panel […]

Pot holder

The humble double-sided suction soap holder, as shown in the photo, has hidden talents which can be put to good use to help the disabled. Elaine, who had the use of one arm only, experienced great difficulty in holding various kitchen utensils and crockery for cleaning. After considering several options, none of which were practical, […]

Pan supports on cooker

This man can use only one arm and sits in a wheelchair. He needs support for pans whilst stirring. A wire frame was made & secured to his two-ring cooker with two upright supports for the handles which prevent the pans from slipping when the contents are stirred. He can now continue to do all his own […]

Pan stabiliser on electric hob

The client was unhappy using her electric hob, as she was unsteady on her feet and she and her husband (who does most of the cooking) were afraid of her upsetting the saucepans when cooking. A 10mm diameter steel rail was formed to fit around the perimeter of the hob, 70mm above the surface, thus […]