Head support

Our client suffered from MND and a support had been made to help lift her head, but she was finding it a little difficult to move her head sideways to look at her computerised vision driven voice box or her carer.

Shower Chair Headrest

A child with significant scoliosis and no head control required a headrest on her shower chair, which could be off-set to the side to support her head.

Head rest on shower chair

Makeability were contacted by an Occupational Therapist in Salford, whose client used their shower chair to move about at home due to its smaller size in comparison to his wheelchair. The shower chair however has no headrest fitted, which was a particular problem during seizures.

Chair Headrest

The client uses a shower chair to move through his home and needed a head rest mounting on it.

Headrest for dining chair

Head rest fitted to dining chair, wheelchair behind Brackets with paper template Brackets fitted to chair back The client uses a wheelchair with a headrest to support her head, but wishes to use a standard dining chair while eating. A headrest is required to prevent potential choking. The solution agreed was to add a bracket […]

Reading aid for reading machine

The client is blind but has recently started using a ‘reading machine’. This is causing strain at the back of the neck and he needed a head support. The client can see reading matter projected on to a television screen. Letters are 25mm high and he views from 150mm. The device is secured to the […]

Modifications to toy car

An eight year old boy, mad on cars, has cerebral palsy and is unable to sit unaided or control his legs. He has limited control of his right arm and some use of his left arm. The modifications to the car consisted of: hand operated speed and reverse selection; electronic circuit to provide ‘soft start’ […]

Headrest attachment for bath hoist chair

A man with muscular dystrophy needed head support on a chair for a bath hoist. A stainless steel bracket with offset head support was attached to the back of the bath hoist chair. The hoist can still be attached centrally as the bracket is offset. Cable ties hold it in place and so it is […]

Head switch bracket

Daniel has poor control of his hands, poor neck and upper body strength and is unable to speak. He can only interact via head/eye movement and the limited use of hand operated switches. He needed a switch mounting bracket that could be fitted to his wheelchair headrest, on to which buddy-button head switches could be […]

Head support

The client has multiple sclerosis. He has difficulty focusing his vision on text, television or other specific objects due to involuntary movements of his head. He wanted some means of stabilising his head movement sufficiently to allow him to resume visually related activities. A headrest was designed which located under his chin and was supported […]

Head rests for wheelchairs

Client is quadraplegic and requested help in providing head rests for two wheelchairs. Head rests were obtained locally from a car dealer and suitable attachments were made to fit each chair. Both are adjustable as necessary. The client can now sit in more comfort. (Ayrshire)

Auto positioning recliner headrest

When this man’s wheelchair was reclined the headrest was no longer positioned under his head. The existing headrest was mounted on a pantograph mechanism driven from a fixed point on the chassis by a long pushrod. This gave a headrest position variation of 75mm. His head was now supported by the headrest irrespective of the […]