Head-mounted aid


Head-mounted binoculars

A keen bird-watcher has near-total paralysis of her right hand. She had been finding it impossible to hold her binoculars steady, and wanted a device to attach them to her head and adjust them using her left hand only.

Head Probe

The client has very limited movement in his arms and hands but can move his head accurately. He used to enjoy reading so to allow him to read independently again a device that let him control an e-reader with his head was needed.

Head pointer for school

Several pupils at a special needs school who cannot communicate verbally wanted head pointers so that they could point a light at a board and highlight messages. We wanted lights that could be used over a fairly long range in class and also looked ‘cool’. The pupils chose baseball caps which they liked and we […]

Head pointer for boccia

The client is an England international boccia player and required a head pointer to enable her to release the ball in certain situations. The inside of a safety helmet was used as a base. A coach bolt was secured through two aluminium strengthening plates, at the front of the helmet, to which an alumiunim tube was […]

Head pointer

This client’s current head pointer was worn and needed updating. The plastic inner frame of a safety helmet was used as a base. This was fitted with an aluminum strengthening plate & mounting bolt. A piece of aluminum tubing was taped at one end and screwed onto the bolt, the tubing was then bent to […]