Hand rail


Grab Rails for a double amputee

The Client , a lady, had lost both hands and feet due to sepsis. A stairlift had been installed in her house but there were two small steps to be negotiated dor which she required assistance.

Detachable stair rail

A handrail for a listed building which attaches securely and does not modify the existing structure.

Handrail for riser armchair

New rail Side view Rail and feet One of two feet added To suit the changing condition of the client, the arm rest used during the client’s transition from wheelchair to armchair (made under job BK2017/42C) was modified.  The electric raiser chair was too unstable for the new rail to be fixed, as the locking […]


The client required an indoor stair handrail in an awkward location, and the suggested Magic Rail was unsuitable. A bespoke angled rail was made and fitted.  

Child’s steps

A 3-year-old child with cerebral palsy is unable to walk unaided.  To promote her independence, her mother wishes her to be able to use the wash basin with minimal assistance.  She had already bought wooden steps and needed side rails for safety. Height adjustable tubular steel rails were fitted.  

Standing aid

The client’s spinal problem made it difficult to get up from a sitting position at his desk. A ladder-type stand was made that allows him to pull himself up.  For stability, it is bolted to the desk.  The client is very happy with it and thinks it looks like a piece of Ercol furniture.  The […]

Standing frame

Standing frame in use Frame folded The client is unable to stand on his own and spends most of his time either in a wheelchair or on a low stool while at school. A simple folding frame was provided with two rails at different heights. The lower rail allows him to pull himself into a […]

Sofa arm support – under sofa

The client has difficulty in rising from her sofa and did not want her sofa to be modified in any way. A padded arm rest was constructed which slips under the sofa  front and allows the client to use both arms when rising. Bristol Remap case number 5\14-02

Treadmill side rails

Unmodified treadmill Side rail A child needs to exercise on a treadmill but currently, his parents must hold him to provide support and stability.   Side rails have been clamped to the existing treadmill so he can support himself. Top bracket Bottom bracket

Wheelchair sitting aid

The client has short knee height relative to the seat of a wheelchair, when he sits he is at the seat front. Two people physically lift him to the back of the seat. A 100mm high platform with wall rail was made. A narrow ramp from the platform allows the front wheels of the chair […]

Transfer sling and frame

This young man, who has muscular dystrophy, was unable to get entry into a specially modified house to let him live independently as he could not manage to transfer between his wheelchair and the toilet on his own. After several unsuccessful attempts with different designs of transfer boards we installed a redundant electric hoist donated […]

Supportive toilet seat

A wheelchair user required additional support when using the family toilet, although standard support bars are already fitted. She accesses the pedestal from one side and needed additional support when in position. The device shown gives this support and further enables her to flush the unit. It can be easily removed by other members of […]

Support rail beside toilet

The client has only one leg and needed support rails around the toilet. A wall mounted bar had been obtained but the occupational therapist was not sure how it could be fitted. The other wooden bar on the other side was too far away. The new metal bar with leg was attached to a wooden […]

Stick for cot side bed

Anne needed to maintain a sitting position whilst carers attended to her personal care. The cot sides on her bed meant that standard bed sticks were not suitable A tubular bed stick was constructed which attaches to the metal bed frame by means of a bolted “U” bracket and welded stub pipe. The bracket can […]

Shower chair handle grip

This client was unable to pull himself forward, in his shower chair, to have his back washed. There was nowhere for him to grip onto easily, due to limited use of his hands, at the front of the chair to pull himself forward. A removable ‘pram type’ handle was clamped onto the chair using two […]

Retracting bed rail handle

This client has multiple sclerosis and uses a wheelchair. He has to use bed rail handles to transfer himself from his wheelchair to his bed but once sitting on the bed had difficulty in lifting his legs over the bed rail handle. The end of the bed rail was removed and modified to be located […]