Furniture raiser


Modified Baby Cot

Mum of 7 month old baby, and full time wheelchair user, couldn’t put her baby into the cot, as it was the wrong height for her to wheel underneath, and the sides dropped down preventing her from getting near enough to get the baby in and out.

Chair raiser for swivel chair

Gary could not use his favourite arm chair as it was too low and no raisers were avaliable.
This project raised the chair by approx 75mm

Bed raiser

The client has a very small cramped room. To create more storage space, he raised his bed on video cassette boxes. Extensions were made to his bed legs to give a safe increase in height not possible with commercial raisers.

Raise sofa

Feet fixed to underside of sofa Detail of clamps used to fix feet to frame Completed raised sofa with valance The client required his reclining sofa raising by 3” without interfering with the mechanism. Some loose wooden blocks had been provided, but they were unstable. Four wooden feet were made which clamped to the base […]

Raise reclining chair

Alternative solution The client’s Stressless Consul reclining chair was unusual, having a circular base in the form of a ring. Beneath the ring was a plastic ‘bearing’ to allow the chair to rotate. To establish the correct height, the chair was raised temporarily on stacks of repurposed ice cream tubs. An octagonal base was made […]

Chair raiser for office chair with 5 feet

The  client has an office type chair with 5 feet which needed to be raised 4 inches. A platform was made from hardwood ply supported on 5 timber bearers. The top of the platform was recessed so that the chair legs fitted in for security. Bristol panel case ref. 8\15-04 0

Recliner chair raisers

The client has a Parker Knoll type recliner chair and needed it to be raised by about 2.5”. The base frame is made from steel sections and no commercial product could be sourced. A plinth was made from 3” x 2” timber and incorporated 4 small pads to achieve the correct height. The existing plastic […]

Special settee raisers

The client, who uses a wheelchair, has difficulty getting up from her settee, as it is too low. Standard chair raisers are not suitable. The subject settee is a 3 seater leather settee standing on 4 feet each 50mm high, the front feet are each 210 x 90mm tapering to 190 x 60mm each retained […]

Recliner chair raisers

  The client has a Recliner chair that is too low for her to easily get up from. The chair is described as being supported by a rail type foot either side, so standard chair raisers are not suitable. The castors were removed and wooden blocks attached as sketched. 0

Special bed raisers

The bed legs were an awkward shape and needed to be raised 4 inches. Raisers made as below.   0

Raise piano

Blocks to raise piano   Blocks in place   Sustain pedal bracket The client required his upright piano to be raised so that he can play while seated in his wheelchair.  The sustain pedal must remain at the original height. 50mm high blocks were made from layers of plywood and faced with mahogany to match […]

Special bed raisers for large person

Client weighs 197 Kg and needed his bed raised by 6 inches. Special consideration was given to strength and stability. Tubular extensions with pads were made from steel and bolted to the existing bed steel frame. Bristol panel ref case 11/14-06 John BH 0

Table raiser

A wheelchair-using client, Andrew, required a table which he could use whilst in his wheelchair. A table was constructed of the correct height with a circular cutout to allow him to sit close to it. Using the table, Andrew is now able to do many things from his wheelchair which he had previously found difficult. […]

Raised revolving chair

Charlie has only one leg and wanted to use his revolving chair when not in his wheelchair. The chair needed to be raised for easy transfer from the wheelchair. A temporary brake was also needed to stop the chair revolving when he was transferring into it, but still be able to revolve so that Charlie […]

Grab rail for profiling bed

The gentleman has multiple sclerosis and is having difficulty in transferring from a wheelchair to the profiling bed. He wished to do this unaided. The bed needed to be raised so commercial casters were fitted which raised the bed by 75mm. A grab rail was made from steel tubing, this slotted into a tube bolted […]

High commode

The client required a ‘downhill’ transfer to move to and from the commode when he used it at night. His bed was height adjustable and the height could be adjusted to enable him to get onto the commode but would not go low enough for the return journey. By extending the legs so that the […]