Electric scooter


Lift on Mobility Scooter

A man who had polio as a child is now in his 70’s and finds it difficult to climb on to his mobility scooter

Move wheelchair controller

Existing location of controller …   … and required location. New carrier plate and re-used clamping bracket  The new arrangement The client’s pedestrian-controlled motorised wheelchair was awkward to manoeuvre in restricted spaces because the rear-mounted controller protruded too far and there was insufficient adjustment in its mounting bracket. A new carrier plate was made to […]

Twist grip control for electric scooter

Vivian is dependent on his electric scooter for mobility, but arthritis in his hands meant that he was unable to maintain continuous pressure on the thumb-operated control lever. A gear-change twist grip from a bicycle was modified to remove the 10-position notches and the internal diameter increased to give greater travel on the control wire. […]

Joystick control for golf buggy

A farmer has a spinal injury resulting in central cord syndrome. The panel was asked if it could adapt a golf buggy to steer using a joystick so that he could go around the farm to check his sheep. A scheme was designed for a power operated steering system to the buggy, using a joystick, […]

Electric motorscooter & oxygen carrier

This thirteen-year old young lady has severe heart and lung problems and requires constant access to oxygen. Pulling a trolley with 10kg cylinder of gas was very tiring, and restricted her from joining in with her peer group. A metal basket, to carry the oxygen bottle, was made and fitted to electric microscooter. The basket […]

Electric bike stabilisers

This little girl had been unable ever to pedal a bicycle or tricycle. She had an electric powered bike but, as she had never been able to learn to ride a bicycle, stabilisers were required. Modifications to the throttle and brake controls were needed to suit the client’s small size. The stabilisers had to be […]

Controls on mobility scooter

The client was unable to operate the hand controls on her scooter due to severe arthritis, nor could she turn her head to look left or right, e.g to cross a road. The control difficulty was solved by interchanging the left and right hand functions. The inability to look to the left and the right […]