Drinking aid


Drinking aid

A drinking aid using a hydration pack drink tube and bite valve, attached to a re-purposed tablet computer flexi arm desk stand.

Wheelchair cup holder

Tracy needs a cupholder that clips onto the front of her wheelchair armrest, not on the side where it gets broken. A simple bracket was made that slips into the front of the armrest using the same fixing as her table.

Smoking/drinking aid

The client has multiple sclerosis. His wife lights a cigarette for him but without constant help his clothes suffer burns. There is also no respite from holding the cigarette in his mouth. An adapter was made to hold a commercial cigarette holder and a plug in ashtray the length of a cigarette. The adapter was […]

Powered drinking aid

Robert, a wheelchair user with no hand control and an inability to drink easily, required a powered drinking aid to provide him with some degree of self-reliance, especially at night. A device was fabricated using a 12V windscreen washer pump, a liquid container, plastic tubing inserted inside a flexible microphone stand and a foot operated […]

Plate holder/mover

The client only has use of his left hand and feeding himself was difficult. His right hand would spasm and knock any tray or plate away from him. He also wished to move the plate away from him when he had finished his meal. A wooden table was constructed with a sliding top released by […]

‘One finger’ cup

The client has dystonia and has had the forefinger of one hand released by surgery. She expressed a wish to hold a cup when her friends call. The sealed tube through the beaker shown in the photographs allows her to hold a cup. The stand, weighted with lead, helps when ‘jamming’ the forefinger in place. […]

Inserts for wheelchair tray

A wheelchair using client with multiple sclerosis has poor grip and shaking hands and was unable to feed self unless plates and bowls were positioned at functional height and stabilised to avoid spillage. MDF was used to make a tray to fit over the existing wheelchair tray with blocks and clips to secure. The tray […]

Feeding machine

Hazel, who has motor neurone disease, could not lift her arms far and had very little grip. Consequently she had to be fed by her husband. She wanted to be more independent for both eating and drinking. A machine was made which used a pair of pivoted arms to lift a carriage holding a spoon […]

Electric dressing aid

The client, a clergyman, has restricted upper body movement, and had difficulty putting on jackets and his vestments. He required a device which would hold the garment in the correct position for him to insert his arms and ‘shrug’ himself into the garment. Two uprights were attached to a base and aluminum tubing fitted to […]

Drinks holder

The client’s movement ability is restricted to one hand which can operate a computer mouse. The request was for a device to enable him to bring a cup (and straw) into the drinking position when required and to retract the cup as needed. A frame holding bearings and a light vertical shaft with an arm […]

Drinks aid

This client was unable to get himself a drink at night after his carers left at 6.30pm. The client could raise himself in his adjustable bed into a sitting position. Using a cyclists’ drinking bag, a cold drink could be provided by wiring the drinking tube into a position he could reach. A hot drink […]

Drinking station

This client is paralysed from neck downwards and lives alone. He sits in an electric posture chair. The only way he could drink was via an elongated straw placed precariously in a mug. It was found that he ingested air with each drink and could dislodge the straw We adopted the ‘Came Bak bite valve’ (used […]

Drinking mug to deliver a measure of liquid

The client has limited swallowing and sucking capability. Using a standard teat topped mug results in liquid spilling over his face and body. A mug was requested that would give, say 20mg, each sip and be used by the client without assistance strengthening his only useful limb and increasing his independence. The valve, requiring suck […]