Walking stick – Fischer handle

The client had learning difficulties and is paralysed in his left hand and foot. He needed his Tetrapod walking stick handle changing to a ‘Fischer Handle’. The existing walking stick handle was removed by drilling out a rivet. The second stick with the Fischer handle on it was cut at 100mm below the handle. Both […]

Walking poles

The client enjoys an outdoor lifestyle. Problems with her ankle mean she needs to use walking poles when walking on rough ground. She has difficulty holding these due to weak, unstable wrists. The poles supplied by the hospital are too heavy and cumbersome to use for long periods and she wanted poles that did not […]

Marathon crutches

A London marathon entrant broke his ankle but was determined to carry on, using crutches but “running” on crutches poses problems: 1. Crutches hit road at an acute angle, so often skids. 2. Cause rapid wear to rubber tips. 3. Severe impacts are transmitted to upper limb joints causing multiple injuries. 4. Standard crutches rapidly […]

Low height walking frame and crutches

Small client needed a reduced width walking frame and shorter crutches. The shortest crutches (child’s) commercially available are too long in the portion from the handgrip to the upper arm support. Walking frame reduced in width by 75mm and upper arm portion of the crutches reduced in length by 50mm to meet the client’s needs. […]

Folding crutches

The client likes to ride pillion on her husband’s motorcycle, but cannot dismount without her crutches. The requirement was for folding crutches that can be carried in a back pack. An old pair of aluminium elbow crutches was cut and fitted with box hinges from aluminium rod with carbon fibre tongues, arranged to fold in […]

Balancing aid for bowler

Assisting with balancing on the bowling green was needed after a double hip replacement. Walking sticks were fitted with large padded ends for walking between ends. A further set of sticks were fitted with a curved tubular prop with padded end and spade handle for the actual bowling. The resumption of active participation in a […]