Modified Baby Cot

Mum of 7 month old baby, and full time wheelchair user, couldn’t put her baby into the cot, as it was the wrong height for her to wheel underneath, and the sides dropped down preventing her from getting near enough to get the baby in and out.

Cot Door Catch

Parents of a child who is fed intravenously needed the doors of her specialist cot to be held open whilst they were changing feed / fluid bags etc.

Baby-proof cot latch

The client has a cot with an opening door. The device makes it difficult for the child to undo the latch as two actions are needed.

Cot Adaptation

The client is a wheelchair user, he has a young child and wants to be able to get the child in and out of the cot from a sitting position.

Moveable cot sides

Due to an injury a mother is unable to lift her baby into and out of her cot and so requires a fully opening cot side.  The counter-balanced cot side can be opened and closed with minimum effort.   0

Special raised baby cot & changing facility

The client has difficulty in bending to change an 8 month old baby and needed the cot raising and also a raised changing surface. The overall solution comprised two elements : 1. A Client modified Cot. The Client provided modification allows easy access to the Cot at mattress level. This has been achieved by cutting […]

Cot-bed modification

A pregnant wheelchair user was unable to find a suitable commercial cot to meet all her needs. She found one which was suitable in some respects but it needed modification to enable her to lift her baby in and out of the cot. The side of the cot was replaced with a new side (half-fixed, […]

Cot-bed bars

This toddler with Downs syndrome was outgrowing his cot. His mother needed somewhere he could be left safely to sleep and play. The solution should allow easy access for his mother and be quickly removable for cleaning. A full-size bed was considered most suitable, allowing plenty of space when functioning as a playpen. Three frames […]

Cot sides for hospital bed

A young man with cerebral palsy was to be housed in a residential home. To enable him to be attended to, a height adjustable hospital bed was provided. As he is prone to violent movement, a strong secure cot was required to surround, but not be attached to, the bed. A panel headboard & railed […]

Cot side modification

A mother who is a wheelchair user needed to be able to attend to her new baby in its cot. The cot sides were modified and hinged to allow easier access. Both mother and baby are happy.   0

Cot side for adjustable bed

The client, recovering from a stroke, needed a cot side to stop him rolling out of bed at home. (He was bed blocking until the job was completed). The double bed at home was a new adjustable one which did not have provision for attaching a cot side. A free-standing steel frame was made to […]

Cot side bed stick

To facilitate personal care, the client needs to maintain a sitting position. As her bed has cot sides, standard bed sticks were not suitable. A tubular bed stick was constructed which attaches to the metal bed frame by means of a bolted “U” bracket and welded stub pipe. The bracket can be positioned anywhere along […]

Cot side

The client, who is a wheelchair user, anticipated that he would have difficulty in accessing his baby in the cot when she arrived. A standard cot was modified by first of all raising it on leg extensions, then swinging arms were fitted to the cot side, so that it could be lifted up and rested […]

Cot sides

The client is a young boy with cerebral palsy, who has a habit of waking in the night and wandering around the house, with no regard for safety. His parents requested a specially constructed cot, large and strong enough to contain him. A special cot was produced, which holds a full size single bed on […]

Bed restraint

A lady with severe night-time epilepsy needed a self-operated ‘cot side’ to her bed to prevent her falling out during epileptic attacks, while still being able to get out of bed independently. A padded, hinged restraint with a latch for closure was made. Two lugs, fitting closely below the bed frame, prevent over – turning when […]