Converted to mouth operation


Joystick To USB Mouse Adaptor

Adam is a keen computer gamer and also relies on his computer for many things. Although he has some movement in his fingers he is no longer able to move his computer mouse. He can now use an adapted miniature joystick to move the computer mouse pointer around the screen.

Integramouse Motorised Support Arm

When on his computer, the client uses a mouth controlled Integramouse on an adjustable arm. He needs the Integramouse to move out of sight of the screen on occasions and then return when needed once again

Bed Controller Modification

The client is mostly paralysed from the neck down except that he can move one arm but has minimal grip. The only way he could press the buttons on the hand held bed controller was to bite the buttons with his teeth.

Blow tube for operating personal alarm

The client has multiple sclerosis and is quadriplegic with limited head movement. She wanted to be able to use her personal alarm, if necessary, when her carers were not present. A diaphragm that operated the alarm via a tube was positioned close to the client’s mouth. The device was made from pieces of board with […]