Converted to hand operation


Relocated Wheelchair Hand Control

Client with very little mobility, only movement in one hand and in his head, could no longer reach the electric wheelchair hand control on the side of his chair. Remap made a frame to relocate the hand control to his center so that he could reach it, the frame also carried a support for his tablet which was his only way to communicate.

Fly-by-wire kids tractor

Like most small boys Theo loves tractors, but when you are born with really short arms it makes steering a challenge. So Gerry, a fellow volunteer from the York panel, and I set about creating a safe fly-by-wire push along tractor to make the 20-month old lad very happy.

Drag brakes for rollator

The client had difficulty controlling her rollator on sloping ground where it tended to run away with her because she did not have the strength to apply the brakes for extended periods. A light weight rollator with drag brakes was bought and modified to allow the drag brakes to be operated without having to bend down.

Oliver’s Car

Oliver’s is a young man who’s legs are paralysed from having spinabifada but he has good upper body use. A commercial ride-in electric car was modified with a hand throttle in place of the foot pedal.

Push Button Sewing Machine, Juki

A tetraplegic client acquired a JUKI sewing machine in order to continue his work sewing gloves for wheelchair users. The machine is equipped with a digital servo drive with foot control. Can it be adapted for push button control?

Sewing Machine Speed Controller

The client, who is a wheelchair user, was not able to use the foot operated speed controller for her new overlocker sewing machine.
A hand operated speed controller was constructed so that the client, who enjoys sewing, can now control the speed with her hand operated switches.

Large buttons for recliner chair

Our client cannot see and cannot operate the soft touch buttons on the hand controller supplied with a top end recliner chair. I made a holder for the controller that fixes it to the side of the chair and has four large and differently shaped buttons so they can be identified by touch.

Hand-operated tractor clutch

This farmer had an accident that resulted in the amputation of the toes on his left foot. He was unable to drive his tractor as he could not operate the clutch. Initially a long lever was clamped to the clutch pedal. Unfortunately, this was not convenient for other farm workers who used the tractor. The fixed lever […]

Hand-operated substitute for foot-operated dictaphone controller

The client works as a transcriber using a dictaphone controlled by a foot-operated device, which was giving her RSI problems. A hand-operated controller which could be positioned close to the space bar of her keyboard and be operated by her thumbs was suggested. A new controller was built to imitate the functions of the foot-operated […]

Child’s hand-controlled electric car

This five year old girl with spina bifida had been given a child’s electric car. It had been modified so that the foot control could be operated mechanically from beside the steering wheel but this was too difficult for her to operate while steering. Microswitches were mounted within the existing steering wheel, and wired in parallel […]

Child’s car adaptation

Alastair inherited his brother’s electric car, but due to cerebral palsy could not exert the continued pressure required to operate the foot controls for continuous running. He has good use of his left hand and limited use of his right. Aluminium touch plates were fitted to the steering wheel; holding them causes continuous motion. Forward […]

Audio typing aid

The client works for the police and transcribes from taped statements, etc. Her tape machine has a two- directional foot pedal, and use was causing repetitive pain in her hip. She required a means of controlling her tape machine which avoided use of a single operating movement, which would continue risk of repetitive strain. A […]

Attendant pushed buggy

This child wanted to be outside with others but could not use their legs to propel the buggy. The buggy was converted to an attendant pushed buggy with addition of front casters and handle.  Also fitted for safety were a floor, seat belt and a door fastener. The child can now be outside with other […]

Artificial leg height adjuster

An elderly client needs to be able to adjust the height of his artificial limb to compensate for limited hip movement following a fall.  A sprung pin operates from a button on the hip via a bicycle gear cable.  It retracts to allow the leg to lower by 20mm when the client’s weight is applied. […]