Converted to foot operation


Support Leg

Client required a support leg for an existing rail beside her toilet. It was not possible to simply replace the rail due to various restraints including a brittle wall, also the leg needed to be freestanding so as to not damage the flooring.

Bed mattress lifter and call switch

The client with motor neuron disease has inadequate strength in his hands to operate his mattress elevator to allow him to get out of bed unaided, or to summon assistance. Foot operated switches were attached to the side of his bed.

Foot operated toilet flush

The client has rheumatoid arthritis and was unable to turn herself sufficiently to flush the toilet. She used to press the handle with her elbow while seated which was very difficult. Two boards were hinged with a coil spring between them. A cord attached to the upper board was tied to the cistern handle enabling […]

Foot controls for mobility scooter

This girl was unable to operate hand controls of her scooter (brake, speed) with her hands. The control system was changed to foot operated system. The client is now able to operate the scooter successfully. 0

Foot control for hoist

To adapt the controls on a mobile hoist so that they can be operated by the foot leaving the carer with both hands free to manoeuvre his wife. A mounting block was constructed into which the hand controller could be fitted at the base of the hoist. A swinging foot pedal carrying a light spring […]

Engineer’s vice for use with one hand

The client has had a stroke leaving him with the use of the left hand and leg only. He is an engineer and model maker and wished to continue to manufacture parts for his table top railway. A small vice was purchased and reworked to make it very free in use. The leadscrew “collar” was […]

Drum support

A stroke rendered a jazz drummer unable to continue the activity. He requested a framework be devised to carry a number of “rota” drums mounted to suit his limited mobility. A “clothes horse” frame, which could be folded away, was produced and angled to suit the client’s ability. The drums have been positioned to match […]

Drum & cymbal modifications

This young wheelchair using client wished to play the drums in the school orchestra but had a problem using the foot pedal on the base drum and cymbals. The client has some movement in one of her legs and so her foot was attached to the base drum pedal using a velcro slipper. The hi-hat […]