Childproof catch


Modified Baby Cot

Mum of 7 month old baby, and full time wheelchair user, couldn’t put her baby into the cot, as it was the wrong height for her to wheel underneath, and the sides dropped down preventing her from getting near enough to get the baby in and out.

Cot Door Catch

Parents of a child who is fed intravenously needed the doors of her specialist cot to be held open whilst they were changing feed / fluid bags etc.

Bed controller access control

Client is 18 years old with learning difficulties and uses a profiling bed with a wired controller. His carers need a method to prevent him from misusing the controller.


Rails at top of stairs … … and with board in place Bottom of stairs A mother of three autistic children requires robust gates at the top and bottom of her stairs to prevent falls. Standard stairgates for toddlers are not high or strong enough. A pair of rails have been fitted at both the […]

Modified Cot Ends to allow feeding tube between the bars

Client wanted to be able to pass a child’s feeding tube through the cot ends, this allows the child to turn without getting entangled in the feed tube which is the difficulty if the tube is passed over the cot sides. A small section of the cot side top was removed and a swinging section […]

Child-proof lock for fridge-freezers

Some autistic children have a compulsion to raid the fridge, which gives rise to a need for a child-proof lock that is easily controlled by the parents. Fridge-freezers usually have provision to mount the doors on either side, so there will be a pair of unused tapped holes between the doors on the open side. […]

Special stairgate

  The client was not capable of operating the catches on  a conventional stairgate. A simple gate has been fabricated using a series of wooden slats attached to 2 horizontal elements. The 2 horizontal elements are attached to the wall with hinges which allow the gate to be both lifted and swung. The horizontal elements […]

Secure TV/video unit

A hyperactive child was frequently at risk of injury to self, interacting at close quarters with TV and video. The panel constructed a corner unit to accommodate all of their entertainment equipment. The item was made of interior grade plywood and securely attached to the walls. Enclosed space between walls and unit was employed to […]

Stair gate

Saeed is a young man with a learning disability who was unable to use the stairs safely. A door was made to prevent him getting to them, and was secured with a magnetic catch. The magnet which operated the catch was kept by his mother. When this was placed on the outside of the door […]

Fridge lock

The client is a 10-year old autistic boy and we were asked to provide a means of preventing him opening the fridge. His greatest delight was to get the eggs, crack them, spilling the contents everywhere and then to eat the shells. A double-sided adhesive tape was found and using this to provide instant ‘grab’, […]