Child seat for wheelchair



The trike is a homemade piece of mobility equipment made from two bikes with a platform inbetween and a loading ramp. This allows someone that is disabled to experience the joys of cycling whilst still being in the wheelchair for maximum comfort with their favourite person doing the pedalling. If you happen to stop along the way at say a garden centre, then you still have the wheelchair with you for regular activities !

Mounting Baby/Child Seats To Wheelchairs

A soulution to the recurring demand to mount equipment to wheelchairs including Wanzil trend babyy carrier, YEPP child bike seat and a solution for non-child carrying purposes using an offset socket which can be useful for other devices (for example a tray).

Wheelchair baby carrier

Emma relies on a wheelchair but very much wanted to carry her daughter Charlotte with her as she went around the house and the garden and to be able to take her into the local park. A baby bike seat was used and mounted on a steel tube with the footrest taking the weight. The […]

Child seat for wheelchair

This seven-month-old child needs to be able to ride in a seat on her grandmother’s manual wheelchair. The upholstered cover and harness from a ‘Baby Bouncer’ were fitted over a special aluminium frame, which sockets into square steel tubes clamped to the footrest brackets of the wheelchair. The mother can now take her child & […]

Child seat

The client wished to be able to transport his child on his wheelchair. A pillar was mounted onto the chair footrest, cross supported from the back chair frame. A ‘Bobike’ mini seat (9 months – 3 years) fits on the top of the pillar. The client can transport his son on his wheelchair.   0

Baby carrier on wheelchair

The mother has a modified wheelchair to allow her disabled son to travel horizontally. He objected to his lively younger brother sitting above him. A baby carrier out of reach of the elder boy was needed. A frame with a front wheel and carrying a car baby seat was fitted over the caster pivots with […]

Baby buggy & pushchair on wheelchair

The client wished to fit a baby buggy or alternatively a pushchair to her wheelchair. She wanted to be able to connect and disconnect it herself. The buggy-linking frame connects to the wheelchair by spigoting into the wheelchair foot rest fixings. New foot rests are incorporated into the buggy-to-wheelchair linking platform. The linking frame is […]