Fishing Trolley Stool

Malcom would love to go fishing again and he has a fishing cart to carry all his gear but he needs to sit down often when he pushes it to the lake. I made him a folding seat that is easy to fold down so he can rest at regular intervals.

Special folding chair

The client, a 7 year old child, has cerebral palsy and is unable to walk, talk and has poor vision. One of his carers wanted a special folding chair to fit into a small room, which would provide the correct body support. Modifying a standard baby bouncer type chair was tried without success. A special chair was designed and made from wood.

Workshop stool back support

The client needed a workshop stool that would provide support to his badly damaged pelvis and back to allow him to return to work in comfort. Working with him and his OT we devised the right amount of support, stability and mobility by modifying an existing commercially available stool.

Children’s Indoor Sensory Swing

A cost effective Indoor sensory swing designed for children on the spectrum to have in their homes.
An indoor sensory swing that has a minimal impact on your home to support autistic children’s therapy.
A indoor sensory swing sourced from items easily sourced.

I will recreate another indoor swing asap and include better videos and photos soon.

Modified arm of riser armchair

Existing arm rest New grab rail in position New grab rail The armrest of riser armchair was used heavily during the client’s transition from wheelchair to armchair. He didn’t use the elevate function, but preferred to use his upper body strength to transition. His concern that the armrest lacked a good purchase. The armrest was […]

Motorised chair controller

Chair and controller before modification Armrest with joystick and wrist support. Dismantled armrest showing sliding joystick, pulleys and cord. Joystick in use in the forward position with backrest upright … … and in rear-most position with backrest lowered. Due to the nature of his neurological condition, the client’s hand function is declining and he requires […]

Chair mover

Parkinson’s sufferers often have difficulty pulling their chair up to the dining table, and carers struggle to help.   A light framework of 20mm angle iron is welded to be a reasonable fit around the chair legs, with the wheels from 75mm castors attached at each corner. For the rear corners, the swivel base of […]

Swivel chair for dining table access

An elderly client was unable to get up unaided from the dining table.  Carers had to slide the chair away from the table (with client aboard) and then rotate chair & client sideways to enable him to stand. A stair-lift chair was obtained and the offset boss cut and re-welded into a central position.  A […]

Modified Bathseat

Unmodified Medici bathseat Modified garden seat and SS parts Final modified Medic seat The client is hoisted into her bath and requires a seat to support her while she is showered.  The standard bath boards were not suitable for her shape of bath and the Medici seat she was using did not provide the necessary […]

Child’s bath seat

Abbie is a small girl with severe quadriplegic cerebral palsy who loves having a bath but has outgrown her bath seat and is now too heavy for her mother to support in the bath. A standard Fisher-Price high chair was stripped of the footrest and all straps & padding. The rear legs were shortened to […]

Chair jack

The severely autistic, well built client needed to be moved in his chair and the chair then locked in position. The mechanism was required to be extremely discrete and work very quickly. A metal frame with rotating casters was connected to a baseboard using a bottle jack. The chair was then screwed to the baseboard […]

Chair and work desk

A young client required a supporting chair complete with a ‘desk’ that could be moved into position. A panel member constructed the chair and desk as shown in the photograph. The little girl is now able to join in with her peers and be included in the group’s skills development activities.