Braking equipment


Rollator brakes

A client has a progressive muscle weakness, that particularly affects hand grip, walking and balance. He is having trouble operating the brakes on his rollator (wheeled walker) and this makes him feel very unsafe.

Passenger Trailer for Tricycle

The West Midlands Panel was approached to see if there was a way to adapt a proprietary tricycle such that a teenage boy could use it in a safe and controlled way outdoors in a large local park. An add-on trailer was devised on which a parent could ride and control the speed at which their son could travel.

Improved braking on walker-trolley

Typical walker-trolley Modified wheels The client has motor neurone disease and uses a walker trolley to get around the house, but finds the brakes are not good enough to provide the required stability. It was found that the poor braking ability of the trolley was caused by the low grip between the wheels and the […]

Weak-grip braking for 3-wheel rollators

Many clients lack sufficient grip in at least one hand to operate the brakes on their rollator. If they have an adequate grip with the other hand, the brake cables can be paired through a ‘monkey face’ balancing plate to allow both brake pads to be operated from a single brake lever – see photo […]

Trolley walker with gutters and brakes

Fitting gutters to a tea trolley is a common requirement. On the older-style Bardon trolley, this is easily done by attaching the upper sections of standard gutter crutches. However, these trolleys are unbraked, and clients with balance problems may have trouble controlling them. The newer Days trolley walker is supplied with brakes, but the position […]

Chair with castors

Chair with castors braked Chair with castors unbraked Sketch The client needs to be able to move his dining chair easily under the table to eat, etc. Castors were added to the chair with hand-operated brakes on the trailing castors.  

Single-handed bicycle brakes

An eight-year-old boy, born with no fingers on his right hand, can ride a bicycle without problems – right up to the point when he needs to apply both brakes at once! Remap engineers designed and fitted this “balance bar” that lets him activate both brakes from a single lever.  

Buggy failsafe brake

Modifications to the buggy wheels Modifications to the buggy handlebar New parts New clamp to fix new brake cable to existing brake rod.  Identical clamp was used to fix the cable at the other end to the new brake bar The client is concerned that her epilepsy will cause her to lose control of her […]

Walker Brake Handles Modified

This elderly client had very limited ability to use his fingers to pull up on the brakes of his walker. He mainly used the walker by resting his knuckles on top of the handles as a support. This was fine when he was moving on level ground, but the walker tended to run-away on a down-hill […]

Commode brakes

Client has Parkinsons and arthritis and finds the brakes on her glideabout commode to heavy to apply herself. Without her husband’s help she can’t stabilise the commode to transfer to the stairlift. A 2nd hand commode was acquired and the brakes modified Can transfer to stairlift independently  

Walking frame retarder

A common problem with walking frames is ‘running away’. Where a brake is fitted it is usually not suitable for controlling speed – what is required is a constant preset retarding force. This device uses a contoured roller, spring loaded onto the tyre. The ‘conflict’ of varying velocity ratio across the width of the roller […]

Walker adaptation

Following a stroke, Gwen had difficulty using a standard walking aid. She had a four -wheeled walker, but had difficulty steering it and using the braking system so she could sit down and rest safely. A crossbar was fitted which was freely hinged at one side, and held safely in place with clips. A dual […]

Typists chair steady

The client has very weak arms and legs and wished to use her computer, at a normal desk, to write a book. Her problem was steadying the typists chair as she mounted and dismounted. A nest was provided to sit against the wall and into which the chair casters nestled when she needed stability. The […]


This client used a wheelchair and had a chairlift to move him upstairs. To move around upstairs he used a ‘glideabout’ commode but had difficulty transferring to it as it was fitted with individual castor wheel brakes which he could not operate from the chairlift, making it unsafe to get onto. He therefore required assistance […]

Raised revolving chair

Charlie has only one leg and wanted to use his revolving chair when not in his wheelchair. The chair needed to be raised for easy transfer from the wheelchair. A temporary brake was also needed to stop the chair revolving when he was transferring into it, but still be able to revolve so that Charlie […]