Book/newspaper holder


Reading stand

A child with spina bifida also has difficulties with eye sight and neck pain and he struggles to look down at what he is reading. He finds it much more comfortable to look directly in front of him. He requires a stand for his tablet and his books.

Book stands

A special needs school required book stands for its pupils, but found that those from the preferred school supplier too expensive. Modifying “Brada” laptop stands from IKEA proved much more cost effective.

Modified book rest

A 12 year-old girl with visual impairment and epilepsy can only read books when they are within a few inches of her eyes. A commercial paper stand, which could be raised and lowered, was modified as follows. A hardboard base was attached to the bottom of the stand via a piano hinge, fixed by a […]

Lightweight book rest

Praful is paralysed from the neck down and wanted to be able to read books and magazines. A book rest was constructed using 6mm plywood. The part for holding the book was raised high enough to place the book in front of the client’s eyes. Apart from the hinges, all the joints are glued and […]

Child’s book page-turner

Derby Children’s Hospital has many children who love books but due to disabilities are unable to hold or manipulate them. Remap were asked to help. After several design studies, a unit was developed that would cope with books with a maximum of 48 pages. The final design had the book clamped to an inclinable small […]

Book stand

Thalidomide meant that this client was born with no arms. He enjoys reading and has a large personal library including all shapes and sizes of book. The solution was a foldable, portable bookstand, which holds an open book upright. This is loosely based on a commercially available solution that was not large enough to hold […]

Angled reading stand

The client is unable to bend his neck to read books or papers in a horizontal position and needed a simple stand to elevate them.  An adjustable stand was made with an attached book rest to hold reading matter at the optimum angle.  The client can now read without difficulty or pain. 0