A fitted sheet fitter

A fitted sheet fitter for enabling a person with limited dexterity and strength to fit the last corner of a fitted sheet.

One-handed bed remote control

The client has insufficient strength and movement to use the bed remote control unless it is held in exactly the correct position. A device was needed to hold the controller such that the client could reach it in the night and make adjustments using one finger.

Special School Bed Modifications

A Special School in Birmingham had three very large ‘beds’ where children with learning difficulties could be placed in safe environments with sound or visual stimulation. However the canvas side panels intended to stop the children from falling off were insecure and incomplete. Secure canvas side panels, fitted to all four sides of each ‘bed’ were needed.

Very bright bedside reading lamp

An elderly lady needed a very bright bedside light to enable her to continue her passion for reading. This light was constructed from a 30W LED floodlight and made use of 3D printed parts to protect the electrical connections.

Mattress Spacer

This elderly client required a spacer to fill a gap in her mattress. She had been supplied with a pressure-reducing mattress topper, which (strangely) was 6″ too long for a standard double-bed.

Hinged bed rail

The client’s feet tend to slip off the side of his bed and what was needed was a small width attachment which can be pulled up 180 degrees whilst he is in the bed and then folded down 180 degrees for when he needs to get out of the bed. To complicate things there is […]

Switch for hospital bed control

A lady with motor neurone disease who has loss of power in hands and arms, cannot put enough pressure on the switch pads for her adjustable hospital bed at home. An extra control box has been fitted with low pressure switches. The existing control remains fully functional. She can now alter the position of her […]

Contoured portable bed

This 18-year old client needed a portable bed contoured for the way she sleeps that she could use when away from home. The bed needed to be raised in the middle and easily portable. A base was constructed in plywood with holes cut out to lighten the structure. The slats were made 200mm wide to […]

Grab rail for profiling bed

The gentleman has multiple sclerosis and is having difficulty in transferring from a wheelchair to the profiling bed. He wished to do this unaided. The bed needed to be raised so commercial casters were fitted which raised the bed by 75mm. A grab rail was made from steel tubing, this slotted into a tube bolted […]

Cot-bed modification

A pregnant wheelchair user was unable to find a suitable commercial cot to meet all her needs. She found one which was suitable in some respects but it needed modification to enable her to lift her baby in and out of the cot. The side of the cot was replaced with a new side (half-fixed, […]

Cot-bed bars

This toddler with Downs syndrome was outgrowing his cot. His mother needed somewhere he could be left safely to sleep and play. The solution should allow easy access for his mother and be quickly removable for cleaning. A full-size bed was considered most suitable, allowing plenty of space when functioning as a playpen. Three frames […]

Cot sides for hospital bed

A young man with cerebral palsy was to be housed in a residential home. To enable him to be attended to, a height adjustable hospital bed was provided. As he is prone to violent movement, a strong secure cot was required to surround, but not be attached to, the bed. A panel headboard & railed […]

Cot side modification

A mother who is a wheelchair user needed to be able to attend to her new baby in its cot. The cot sides were modified and hinged to allow easier access. Both mother and baby are happy.   0

Cot sides

The client is a young boy with cerebral palsy, who has a habit of waking in the night and wandering around the house, with no regard for safety. His parents requested a specially constructed cot, large and strong enough to contain him. A special cot was produced, which holds a full size single bed on […]

Child’s rocking device

An autistic child needed to improve awareness and concentration. The rocking device, suggested by the child’s occupational therapist, was made large enough to allow for the child’s growth. It is made from shaped MDF side panels with wood cross-pieces covered by hardboard and a foam mattress. The rocker improves the child’s awareness of his surroundings, […]

Bed restraint

A lady with severe night-time epilepsy needed a self-operated ‘cot side’ to her bed to prevent her falling out during epileptic attacks, while still being able to get out of bed independently. A padded, hinged restraint with a latch for closure was made. Two lugs, fitting closely below the bed frame, prevent over – turning when […]