Bath board/seat


Bath transfer aid

A young man with severe cerebral palsy and spasms was being lifted by his parents into and out of a Leckey bath chair for bathing, affecting their backs. The usual solutions of a wheeled hoist or overhead rail were not suitable. A sliding seat was made that allowed the wheeled hoist to be used outside the bath and the seat then slid over the bath.

Folding bathboard

The client and his wife are both thalidomide-impaired and wanted a lightweight bathboard which they could take on holiday with them. A bathboard was designed using the principle of the old ‘camp bed’ with canvas stretched on a wooden frame. The couple are now both able to use an overbath shower spray when abroad. 0

Corner bathboard

This wheelchair user has a corner bath which no available bath board will fit. The client wished to slide off the board down into the bath but could hurt himself on the board. A bath board was made to fit the bath and suitably padded to enable the client to get off the board down […]

Child’s bath seat

Abbie is a small girl with severe quadriplegic cerebral palsy who loves having a bath but has outgrown her bath seat and is now too heavy for her mother to support in the bath. A standard Fisher-Price high chair was stripped of the footrest and all straps & padding. The rear legs were shortened to […]

Child’s bathing chair

A seven-year old child with cerebral palsy required strapping into a special chair whilst bathing. Commercially available bathing chairs did not fit into the bath and required significant modification to adapt it for this particular application. The child’s parents are released from the stresses formally associated with bathing the child, whilst the child now enjoys […]

Back support for bath board

Whilst the client could transfer on and off a bath board, carers were concerned that lack of back support would cause loss of balance and present a risk of the client falling backwards. The back portion of a scrapped shower seat was attached to the bath board using the original seat frame truncated to suit […]