Art equipment


Modified Over Bed Table

Client with MS, in a reclining chair, likes to paint, read and do jig saws. Current over bed (or chair) tables do not meet her needs.
Remap selected a suitable table to modify, that had the ability to incline and added a rotatable side table extension, held flat even if the main table top was inclined.
A separate larger table top, covered in anti-slip material, was made to easily slip over the main table top which could be easily removed without disturbing a partially finished jig saw.

Drawing aid pen holder

The client is 20 months old and has arthrogryposis which causes him to have limited movement in his wrists, hands and fingers. His mum and OT wanted him to start holding a pen and drawing but this was not possible without help […]

Paternoster storage system

An open front revolving storage system. This system allows access to storage baskets at wheel chair or other necessary heights without the user needing to lift or bend or reach. In this case it is designed to hold art and craft materials of various nature in different baskets. The user can then easily retrieve and replace required items in the appropriate basket before turning the handle to bring the next basket into an accessible position. Paternoster storage device.

Special Doll

This doll was created at the request of the local Children’s Hospital after a child asked for a doll “just like Her”.

Artist’s paint brush holder

The client has difficulty gripping the slender handle of her paint brush. This 3D-printed plastic holder will suit a range of brush sizes.

Support for artist

A road traffic accident left this young man unable to continue the artwork he enjoyed without assistance. Padded support to the head & forearm was accomplished by the attachment of fully adjustable supports to the rear of the settee, where he spends most of the day. An exercise cycle (little used) was retrieved from the […]

Holder for egg decoration

The client’s hobby is decorating empty goose eggs, but a stroke has left her without adequate grip in her left hand to hold the egg while painting it with her right hand. A wooden stand was made, which incorporated a knitting-needle pivoted at one end of the stand. To fit the egg, the needle is […]

Drawing board for mouth artist

Anson is quadriplegic and draws with a pencil in his mouth. He needed a rigid, portable drawing stand, easily adjustable by his carers, so that he could start a college course. A light folding table, attached by case clips to outriggers permanently clamped to the wheelchair, supports a photographic tripod lodged in rails. The tripod […]

Artist’s motorised easel

This wheelchair using artist with restricted movement of hands wished to be more independent. A 12V battery was used to drive the ex-windscreen wiper and window winder motors for up/down movement and rotation.  The counterbalanced easel can be raised, lowered and/or rotated by two large rocker switches located alongside the artist.  Very little manual effort […]

Art easel for mouth artist

The client became quadriplegic after an accident and wanted to learn to paint by mouth.  An art easel was manufactured so that the painting area could be moved, by motors controlled by the client with a brush, to a reachable position.  Movement is in 3 planes and enables the artist to paint with only limited […]

Mouth-operated Turps and Water Dispenser

A quadriplegic mouth artist likes to use both oils and watercolours. His carer was constantly having to wash his brushes. A single unit was made to dispense both turps and water via switches controlled by a mouth-held prod. There is a brushwashing dish with a drain operated by lever action. The client has gained more […]