Welding/brazing of aluminium


Lateral Anti-Tip Stabilisers

An eleven year old boy with sensory processing issues, finds it difficult to remain seated in class. He was rocking his chair back and forth. The school negated this risk, only for him to start throwing his weight sideways, putting him at risk of tipping to the side.


Following a serious accident, the client is unable to raise his hands to his face and accordingly is unable to feed himself using conventional cutlery. A long-handled fork was made for him which has proved successful, but he would like the additional flexibility offered by a spoon. A long-handled spoon is not viable so a means of raising a spoon from the plate to the mouth was needed which maintained the spoon in a horizontal position throughout. Enter the ‘Spork-lift’!

Marathon crutches

A London marathon entrant broke his ankle but was determined to carry on, using crutches but “running” on crutches poses problems: 1. Crutches hit road at an acute angle, so often skids. 2. Cause rapid wear to rubber tips. 3. Severe impacts are transmitted to upper limb joints causing multiple injuries. 4. Standard crutches rapidly […]

Ladders for mountain climbing in a wheelchair

A former Commando, paralysed in a climbing accident, wanted to climb Kilimanjaro in his wheelchair. He needed help climbing the scree slopes in his specialist arm powered hand bike. A set of 6 ladder sections of about 1.8m in length were made. Each of which could be plugged into one another to form either one […]

Customised toilet frame

Mark is a large man – 6’ 5” and 16 stone – and had difficulty, because of his height, in transferring himself from his wheelchair to the toilet that was positioned on a 100mm plinth. His elderly mother was having increasing difficulty helping him do this. He needed a toilet frame that would withstand his […]

Bath steps for child

A boy, unsteady on his feet, couldn’t get into the very high ‘kingfisher’ bath he shared with his brother. A set of welded and bolted steps were fabricated from aluminium angle and channel sections. The treads and risers were made identical to the house stairs. Detachable side rails from scrap Zimmer frame tubing were slid […]

Throwing frame for Derek

Derek lost his legs in 2007 when the Landrover he was travelling in in Afghanistan was blown up by an anti-tank mine. But 15 months later, he was picked as one of six members of the British armed forces to develop their sporting potential at a training camp in California. Derek was chosen not only […]