Power electronics


Electric grabber

An electric grabber to replace a “Helping Hand” device for a client with weak hands

Servo assisted sailing

Remap are regular attenders at the RYA Sailability Conference. This project is one of their members projects, but referencing here provides useful archive material for a very typical Remap area of work.

Push Button Sewing Machine Control

Our client, with tetraplegia, is able to manipulate his arms enough in order to push and pull and very lightly hook (or hold) objects in his otherwise immobile fingers. He has sufficient patience and skill to use a sewing machine to make rubber padded gloves to protect the hands of fellow wheelchair users.

Cigarette lighter

Client was a quadriplegic with a small amount of movement in one hand. He smoked “roll-up” cigarettes that needed frequent lighting.

Motorised hammock

This six-year old is brain damaged, partially sighted and deaf. Her parents wanted a motorised hammock which could give a sense of movement and her carers wanted some relief from rocking her in her sprung cradle. The swing has a freestanding steel frame with out-riggers for stability which can be swung inwards when the swing […]

Motorised chair raiser

A man living alone could walk with sticks but found it impossible to go from sitting to standing, or vice versa, without assistance and spent most of the day standing. He needed an aid to lift him from a sitting position or lower him from a standing position – no commercial aids were available that […]

Modified bath lift

This 90 year old lady lives alone and sometimes has dizzy spells. When this happens she lowers herself to sit on the floor but is unable to get up without assistance. As her carer only comes twice a day, she can have a long wait for help. A bath lift was modified to stand vertical on […]

Modifications to toy car

An eight year old boy, mad on cars, has cerebral palsy and is unable to sit unaided or control his legs. He has limited control of his right arm and some use of his left arm. The modifications to the car consisted of: hand operated speed and reverse selection; electronic circuit to provide ‘soft start’ […]

Joystick control for golf buggy

A farmer has a spinal injury resulting in central cord syndrome. The panel was asked if it could adapt a golf buggy to steer using a joystick so that he could go around the farm to check his sheep. A scheme was designed for a power operated steering system to the buggy, using a joystick, […]

Heated trousers powered from wheelchair

A motor accident left this client using a wheelchair. With poor circulation and sensation in his legs, going outside for any reasonable time on a cold day risked some serious health issues. His wheelchair was battery power-assisted, and he had investigated heated trousers as used by motor cyclists. The existing wheelchair wiring allowed 24V power […]

Dog handling device

The client has cerebral palsy with very little movement other than of his head and drives his electric chair with his chin. He has a pet dog and wanted to have some degree of control when they go out together, though he is accompanied by his carer. A self-retracting dog lead is situated behind the […]

Aid for drummer

This lady plays drums at her local church. Unfortunately, her right foot had become too weak to operate either the bass or high hat pedals so, at her request, the pedals were changed over so that the left foot operated the bass drum. We decided that a solenoid operated system would enable her to operate […]