Motor controls


Dog Treat Feeder (Mk 1)

A client was a lady in a wheelchair and training a new assistance dog. She needed a method to deliver treats to the dog but unable to do so.

Servo assisted sailing

Remap are regular attenders at the RYA Sailability Conference. This project is one of their members projects, but referencing here provides useful archive material for a very typical Remap area of work.

RDA trailer remote speed control

A Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) school uses a small tractor to tow a powered machine. The speed control lever is mounted on the tractor with plastic pipe clips which allows it to be detached easily when necessary.

Pushchair electric drive

The client was only able to use one arm and found the pushchair very tiring after a short while. Remap was tasked to make an add-on electric drive unit. This was constructed using an electric golf trolley motor/gearbox and lithium battery. This was controlled from the handle with a pressure pad switch. Additional safety was […]

Device to operate the foot pedal control of an electric sewing machine

Client’s requirement This referral came from an adult neurological physiotherapist for a 67 year-old paraplegic. “Her main hobby is sewing but [following her accident] she is unable to use the foot pedal to control her sewing machine. Some people do use the foot pedal with their knee but she has no control of her legs […]

Wheelchair stair lift

This wheelchair user could not climb and descend two steps in his hall. There is no room for a ramp. A platform on parallel legs from a frame was sunk into the hall floor. Motive power is by a 24V Warner actuator assisted by two quarter elliptical leaf springs. Operating control is by a push […]

Wheelchair access for narrowboat

This wheelchair user needed access to the narrowboat she and her husband lived upon. The deck area had been modified to give access from the bank to the deck. A hydraulic lift was not wanted as any leak would be a major problem on a boat so an air bag solution was developed. A bellows […]

Stair lift modification

A gentleman with decreasing power and movement in his hands and wrists was experiencing difficulties accessing the control switch on his rather elderly but still functional stair lift. A bracket was mounted on the seat of the chair and the control switch was relocated to the bracket in a position, which provided the client with […]

Retracting bed rail handle

This client has multiple sclerosis and uses a wheelchair. He has to use bed rail handles to transfer himself from his wheelchair to his bed but once sitting on the bed had difficulty in lifting his legs over the bed rail handle. The end of the bed rail was removed and modified to be located […]

Powered rocking chair

The patient is a three- year old girl who was born blind and with cerebral palsy. For most of her waking time she screams unless pacified by rocking. Her carer asked for some form of power driven rocking chair to be devised, to relieve them of the physical demands. A moveable base was constructed incorporating […]

Power steering for a walking frame

This client was unable to steer her heavy walking frame that she needed to develop strength in her legs. The front castering wheels were replaced with wheels in straight forks. Power is provided from a cordless drill with two rechargeable batteries. The client steers the frame by using her thumbs as she grips the bar […]

Portable page turner

The client is a quadriplegic who wished to turn the pages of various books. A voice operated, battery driven page turner was developed which allows pages to be turned without any physical intervention. This allows the client to read by themselves.

Motorised tandem pushchair

This young mother with very little energy and muscle strength found it extremely difficult to push her two children in their tandem pushchair. A golf trolley drive system was adapted, by reducing its overall height, and was fitted under the tandem pushchair. The lady can now take the children out without exhausting herself.

Motorised table top

A lady with arthritis was unable to push the cantilever table to one side to operate her riser recliner chair and had to wait for a carer to do so. The table top was provided with telescopic sliders enabling it to be pushed sideways by a fitted electric motor, sprockets and a chain. It has […]