Night Time Alert

This alarm unit is for use by a mobility impaired client, to wake up their deaf spouse in the night for assistance.

Very bright bedside reading lamp

An elderly lady needed a very bright bedside light to enable her to continue her passion for reading. This light was constructed from a 30W LED floodlight and made use of 3D printed parts to protect the electrical connections.

Sensory stimulation play centre

Following meningitis this four year old lad was totally inactive and almost completely unaware of his surroundings. The communications teacher at his school asked for this play centre which is larger than the type supplied commercially. The baubles also had to be illuminated. The case is made from 10mm MDF and a small bank of […]

Colour changing light

Matthew has severe cerebral palsy and finds lights of changing colours very soothing. However the conventional colour-changing oil plate light sources are very hot and cannot be safely left on unattended. A 40mm length of flat plastic trunking had a series of high intensity LEDs fitted in groups of three, one each of red, green […]